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Yeah, the CozyNey blog isn’t ded, I’ve just been busy is all! I was at the Texas Linux Fest a few weeks ago, which was alright. It wasn’t as Linux-y as I would have liked, but I suppose it was a good occasion to get out. The traffic in Austin isn’t very fun though. They have a lot of these apartment development blocks being built up and a lot of people moving in. The street system doesn’t seem very capable of managing the vehicles without causing traffic jams. I think that city has taken on more people than it can withstand. If TXLF is held again in Austin, I probably won’t go.

Anyhow I got to eat out a little there, and had some barbecue at Terry Black which was extremely friggin expensive! I was expecting that though, but it was really good. Then the next day I had burgers at Sandy’s. Here’s a picture of their neon sign!

Back at home, I’ve been a little busy. I setup some rain gutters in the back, and plan to start working on gutters for the front soon. These will really help keep the foundation from moving around. For now it’s alright, but over time water beating down isn’t good for it. In fact, I found a sill beam in the front beneath the porch that I’ll need to replace, which I’m not looking forward to.

I'll have to find a longer hose for the downspouts...

I also now have kitties! They seem pretty smart and took right away to the litter box, despite not ever being trained to one. They’ve been quite busy in that box too, so I keep cleaning it out. I’m really surprised by how fast they figured it out. I just sat it down, put one inside and that was it! I need to buy them some more toys because I have them playing with leaves and cardboard strips right now, and so they make a mess.

Here’s a picture of the two kittens. The darker grey cat is Snickers and the lighter one with stripes is KitKat, and they’re both girls. I later put a box on its side with a large flap and sat their bed inside which they like a lot. At first they were trying to sleep beneath the dresser, so the secludedness of the box around their bed helped change their minds. As they get bigger, I’ll get them another bed and litter box.

Now the room I put them in I spent a lot of time cleaning and clearing. This was the last room on the first level that I hadn’t yet bother cleaning properly, so the floor was filthy. But I finally cleared out my stuff to mop and scrub the floors with water and bleach. There are still a few things in there I can’t move out just yet, which I think will make fun climbing obstacles for the cats.

Oh and one other thing I almost forgot to mention was the eclipse! I got to seen the full eclipse which was pretty cool. The moon covering the sun really makes it look a lot closer than it really is; it seemed as if the moon was just a few miles up in the air directly overhead, and it looked foreboding. When everything went dark, it felt like evening time. I was out at my parents place, which is also out in rural Texas. As it got dark, the air felt cold like the evening time, the owls by the creek started hooting, the crickets chirped, and the goats all went back to their barn for the night.

A few minutes later when the sun came back out, the goats all ran out of their barn back into the pasture to follow their morning routine in the afternoon. They probably thought that was the shortest night ever! Then the owls and crickets stopped making noise and the day continued back where it left off. The next big event to look forward to this year will be the invasion of the cicadas!

I don’t have any good pictures of it unfortunately, otherwise I would share one here too, so have a cat picture instead!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2024-04-29

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