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TOR connections are not allowed

Right now this is just an experiment. If everything goes great, then I’ll keep it around and we could organize gaming nights and fun activities in the future. I might even setup a Ventrilo server too! If it turns into a trash fire, then I’m turning it all off and the internet will truly remain as a graveyard.

This is supposed to be a chill hangout to idle in and shoot the breeze about vidya, life, /tv/ /out/ /g/ shit, and memes.

Web client:

You can use my kiwiIRC web client linked above to connect to the IRC network, or setup your own client with the following connection stuff if you know how.

Remember, this is IRC. You will need an IRC bouncer if you want to preserve chat logs while you're away or offline. The KiwiIRC web client does not provide such functionality. If I trust you, I can create an account for you on my ZNC bouncer in the future. In the meantime, you'll either have to do without or figure something out for yourself.

Connection stuff:

  • Server Name:
  • Port: 6697 or 9999
  • Encryption: REQUIRED! No clear text here, sorry bros.
  • Channel: #cozychan


  • Must be 18+ (both physically and mentally)
  • No fedposting
  • No grooming
  • No erotica, porn, or coomer shit
  • No gore posting
  • No an hero posting (i.e. threatening suicide)
  • No linking to warez or anything illegal
  • No spamming or annoying bots
  • No internet raid parties
  • No doxing or linking to doxxes
  • No skids, hackers, and darkweb larpers
  • No testing da rulz! If you test the limits then I ban!

#cozychan channel rules:

  • Be frenly, be chill!
  • Keep crypto talk to a minimum
  • Keep anime talk to a minimum
  • Keep politics on the down low.
  • If you're going to fight, take it to private and keep it off the channels.
  • Please don't bitch and complain about it being IRC. It's IRC, so deal with it or leave.

Some additional things to keep in mind...

You can open a channel if you would like to start a space for a specific topic, but beware that I do monitor the logs. Da rulz above apply network wide. Please be respectful of other members.

This is my IRC server and I don't want it polluted with bullshit. I like memes and funny things, but if you behave like a try hard, then I’m banning!

Report contact

If you notice any misbehavior either within or coming from my IRC server, please report it to cozybroz [at] protonmail [dot] com. You can also contact me in IRC at CozyBroz.

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