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Cool sites:

My list of cool sites.

  • DigDeeper

    Not a bad site on schizo tech stuff. Has a good article covering the state of web browser and some internet privacy topics.

  • Digital Music Production docs

    A music production resource site that links to some tools to get you started. Don't forget to check out the albums section of music submitted by other anons!

  • MelonLand Surf Club

    This is a web ring community for personal sites. I think it requires signing up to their forum, but it's pretty cool none the less!

  • Razorback

    This is a sort of random site with some shareware(?) for old computers, tech guides, a blog, etc. It's just an everything place. Check it out!

  • Neocities

    Neocities is sort of like Geocities. You can host basic sites there and browse sites made by members. I was considering making this site on Neocities, but decided to just host it instead. I don't know half the weird shit that goes on in that freaky place so beware. I highly recommend it though if you can’t into web servers!

  • FrogFind!

    A search engine for vintage computers that will convert sites into a text only version. It's not bad!

  • CyTube

    A cool site for joining and hosting online watch parties with fren!


List of e-celebs that are alright.

  • Accursed Farms

    Primarily machinima and gaming discussion / content that is actually interesting. He really reminds me of an earlier time on the internet, before gaming and hobbies taken over by normies. Also check out his Games List for interesting looking games to try out.

  • Andreas Kling

    Creator of the SerenityOS that's made from scratch! The debugging videos makes great background noise and also fun to watch.

  • Luke Smith's Webpage
  • Mental Outlaw

Content creators:

I don’t have that many to recommend since most of them are just fake shills. YouTube content creators just fell off a cliff around 2016 and have become non-stop propaganda breadtubers and marketing shills.

  • Switched to Linux

    Tom will somtimes have some interesting discussions on his YouTube channel about Loonix.

  • Truthstream Media

    Not a bad channel. It can be sort of random, but discusses and commentates on conspiracy topics. Has a sort of existential theme about it. Sometimes they bitch about muh YouTube algorithm and muh censorship on YouTube, but aside from that they do pretty good work.

  • This is Dan Bell

    This is mostly an urban exploration channel, but I recommend watching the “Another Dirty Room” series. He hasn't made many lately, so you'll have to scroll back in time. The Dead Mall series is alright too, but gets repetitive. Great for something to watch while in bed!

  • Steve Wallis

    Steve runs a stealth camping channel where he camps in unusual yet unsuspecting places in a variety of ways. One of them was an “act like you belong” episode, where he blends in with construction work and sets up a fake work site to camp inside of.

  • The Game Chasers

    This is sort of a dead channel now. Everything they’ve been uploading lately is just pure bugmen cringe that makes me want to puke. You'll have to scroll back in time to their earlier Game Chaser episodes where they drive around Texas flea markets finding rare old games and haggle or low ball unsuspecting sellers. It's funny shit!

  • Voxis Productions

    A movie review channel that pretty much just shit bags modern movies through a muppet. It's not bad if you're into that sort of thing and never plan on watching the movie. I don't even care about whatever garbage movie comes out anymore and only look forward to the muppet dumping on it.

  • Christine McConnell

    An arts and crafts sort of channel. I can’t tell, but I get some weird dominatrix vibes from this creepy chick. Anyhow she does really great arts and crafts videos. She inspires me to want to make neat things too.

  • Steve1989MREInfo

    This dude eats old nasty MRE’s and reviews them for your entertainment. I think he’s already food poisoned himself three times now and will probably an hero as a result of it, but check it out!

  • CuriousMarc

    Old boomer nerd that fixes old computers with long forgotten borderline esoteric arcane magic. It's really fascinating to watch! Also check out his IBM mainframe videos. If only I could of lived in the 60's as an IBM Mainframe tech...

  • Townsends

    This is a cooking, history and reenactor channel that covers the 16’th to 17’th centuries of America. Another great channel for something to watch while in bed. Their video on Pork cutlets served another way are the best porkchops I've ever had!

  • Bald and Bankrupt

    Bald and Bankrupt is another urban exploration channel where Ben goes around dangerous places like cartel country, X-Russian gulags and enclave cities.

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