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So I’ve been pretty busy with things these past few weeks. First of all is with the house and trash pickup, junkin junk in a roll-off dump! I took a few before and after pics, but there’s still some junk left. I have a 5,000lbs weight restriction so trying to be careful here. I have seven of these crapped out doors that weigh somewhere between 80 – 100lbs, so that’s getting up there pretty quick.

There's still some junk left, but I'll get it next haul.

Also the previous owner must have been nuts for canned olives and tuna because I can safely say that there was a ton of them bagged up around the place. There’s just so much junk, and with it being the dog days of summer in Texas, it gets anywhere between 97 to 100 degrees fahrenheit (36 – 37 celsius.)

I recently ordered a new window AC unit that should hopefully cover the whole first level of the house, rated at 28,000 BTU that can cover 1,900 square feet (176.5m squared). It’s a Frigidaire unit, which I got to check one out just like it at my grandparents not so long ago and thought it was good.

My only concern is that the power outlet that I’ll be connecting it to won’t work. It is the proper connection (220V NEMA 6-20), but the back half of the house on the lower level doesn’t receive power. I keep the breaker off to it for that reason, but the outlet for the AC unit is on its own breaker so maybe it’ll be alright? I noticed that the line is ran up thru the floor, so it likely also hangs out beneath the house and would be easily accessible. Kind of a common thing in old houses where the owners didn't want to hire someone to run wire thru the wall.

Finally here’s a picture of the well. It has a new well pressure tank, psi gauge, and plumbing work such as a cut off valve. I was using it over the weekend to wash some things and noticed that the water was really dirty. It wasn’t like this a month ago, so I don’t know what’s up with that. My guess is the water table is low in the summer and so it sucks up mud? I collected some in a bucket and gradually the dirt fell to the bottom. When I slide some up the side with my finger, it feels sort of like sand but will dissolve if you rub it. I think I’ll just leave it to run for an hour and see if it ever clears up, because the amount of material in it is too much for a filter to handle.

I had also read that I should disinfect the well since it can build up bacteria if not used for a long time.

That's all I've got for now. I'm still cleaning inside the house and have started moving in some of my own junk that's been kept in storage. My aim is to move in within the next month or two. It won't be easy living seeing that I won't have a septic for awhile, nor a proper bath or hot water, but so long I have muh AC and internet it should be fine enough.

Speaking of internet, I need to look into buying my soylink setup soon.

One more thing unrelated that I want to mention. I've made some small updates to the site so that images should fit better on phones. I'm not going to bother too much with older blog posts though, and the banner image is a little messed up. I intend to fix that later.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  • I tried the well out today to wash some things off and the water came out cleaner than before. It's still a little murky though.
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