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Where have all the creative channels gone?

I’ve been sick all weekend long and have been very bored sitting in bed, so I decided to spend a lil time cleaning out my YouTurd RSS feed of junk channels and converting the few possible channels to their Odysee clones. It’s been a long time coming.

There’s been a stagnation of good content on YouTube since 2016 combined with an increasingly bad interface. This eventually led me to abandoning the web frontend in place of an RSS feed reader and youtube-dl; leaving behind the dog and pony show theatrics of “like” “comment” “subscribe” “click bell!” Ironically this had a positive outcome for me as I’ve been gradually weaned off the treadmill of consumerist drivel, political pundit egrifters, and eceleb drama.

There was once a time where I was subscribing to everything, but that hasn’t really been the case in awhile now. My interests have shifted into areas of personal development, history, and restoration. I don’t have that many channels to watch or listen to anymore. As a result, it can get pretty boring during the day at work, so I’ve been listening to sermons. They’re typically a weekly upload so I’ll occasionally play my collection on repeat.

Since it gets a bit monotonous, I’ve set out to find some decent Odysee channels. Unfortunately Odysee doesn’t appear to have much variety, and so it tends to lean toward the same stuff you’ll see elsewhere. It's always some dude in his bed room (or lady) blabbering into a mic about their commentary on matters that are largely irrelevant. All they ever do is talk and talk and talk. The cult of personality is something I’ve never been particularly enamored by, so channels focused around a person for their personality and PoV on things I often find mind numbingly boring. Twitch streamers was the leap I simply couldn't make. It’s from that camp of low effort creativity that seems to have back washed over everything else.

Now I’m not completely against this type of format. There’s certainly an audience for it, but there's just TOO MUCH of it! I think a blog would be a better place for that kind of stuff anyhow! :P

Whatever happened to web series? We use to have Chad Vader, Happy Tree Friends, Angry Gamer Nerd, simple short silly things like the original Console Wars, Salad Fingers, Red vs Blue, or Machinima? Nobody makes stuff like that anymore… Well, maybe the off color cartoons are still around, but there was once a lot of creative variety that seems to be gone now. The few things that do have some originality to them often come at the cost of being a grift grind scheme that stifles its potential; but that’s another matter altogether and not what I’m talking about here today.

Another couple of pretty decent web series that I’ve mentioned on my links page was Dan Bell’s “Another Dirty Room,” and The Game Chasers old episodes before they too fell off a cliff. Another series which I didn’t mention on the Links page was Ben Heck Hacks and the Ben Heck Show, but that’s a dead channel ever since he retired. You can still find an archive of his series though. There was also Star Trek Continues, which is a fan series made around 2013 that's even better than whatever's being puked out by a studio today. These were all unique and original.

I typically weigh the value of a channel on the re-watchability of its content, so I find it pretty easy to dismiss most channels anymore that have a tendency to focus on largely irrelevant in-the-moment matters like the news, politics, and drama. For example, which has better re-watchability here: An episode of Freeman's Mind from Acursed Farms or a video of Asmongold “Reacts to <insert target of the week here>?” Even mukbang foodies have better re-watchability than most YouTurd ecelebs whole library!

Instead of actually making something, it seems to me that people today are more content with just talking non-stop in this sort of one way conversation toward a wall. How did it even get to this state? The lack of originality and creativity has been endemic across the internet for awhile now. It has me wondering at this point what might could be found in other non-English speaking countries. Maybe they have better shid? Check out this channel I saw linked in an /an/ kot general thread a few months ago (Warning: links to a Chinese website. Better activate shields!) A cat lady attaches a GoPro to her cats and they wonder around the village doing cat things; it’s like Urbex with cats, it’s supper cool! You’ll need a VPN to Japan tho since the videos are region locked.

So then, do you know any cool Odysee channels? So far from my experience the most creative channels are still on YouTube. If you know of any on Odysee, then share them in the comments or something.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2023-06-14

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  • I'm not a fan of Odysee; there's hardly any interesting content, and the site takes eons to a load video. PeerTube looks like the way forward in my mind; however, just like Odysee, I can't seem to find anything interesting; 
    May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
    • I assume it works best in tandem with a blog. That being said, here are some of my favourite YouTube channels:
      May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
      • AlmostFridayTV: Incredibly high-quality sketches with better writing. It's normie humour, but I'm sure autists would find it hilarious as well.
        May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
        • Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan: It started out as an attempt at a humorous approach to anthropology; however, now the fella does hard-hitting journalism. Unlike a lot of other channels, he has respect for the people he interviews;
          May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
          • they're one of the few channels I support through Patreon.
            May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
            • Defunct Land: Short history videos on theme parks and their attractions.
              May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
              • Hazel: Great video essays on a wide range of topics.
                May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
                • History Civilis: The best history content on YouTube. His channel used to focus on Roman history, but it seems like he covers Europe generally now. His presentation is amazing.
                  May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
                  • Master of Roflness: History nerds rarely come up with good channel names. Short, humorous videos typically built around Wikipedia pages.
                    May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
                    • Pharaoh Nerd: He used to make videos on ancient Egypt, now he focuses on antiquity generally.
                      May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
                      • Tier Zoo: Ranking animals through a video game tier list. Amazing editing and possibly accurate information.
                        May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
                        • Trap Lore Ross: A British trap historian rambling about American gang conflicts and the rappers backing them; entertaining to say the least.
                          May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
                          • Whang!: In-depth videos retelling shock stories and other miscellaneous slop from the internet.
                            May 2, 2024 Permalink Reply
    • Hello!
      Mar 22, 2024 Permalink Reply
      • I agree, YouTube content has been mediocre for a long time but it was much earlier compared to 2016. Obnoxious influencers with a cult of personality. A lot of content aimed to children regressed content to a lower bar to attract a lot of viewers.
        Dec 5, 2023 Permalink Reply
        • just checking if i can post anonymously
          Sep 18, 2023 Permalink Reply
          • i know the channel Barny64 does good WoW Machinima like content. I'd recommend watching their Scarab Lord serie. Some of the best WoW content out there.  
            Jul 28, 2023 Permalink Reply
            • I enjoy TerminalMontage's animations. 
              Not on Odysee tho, sowwy!
              Jul 9, 2023 Permalink Reply
              • PeerTube or webm/ogg files is the only way forward to be honest.
                As we all know, YouTube is shit.
                All alt-tech platforms censor, and 99% of the content is mirrored from YouTube anyway, so what's the point?
                Jul 6, 2023 Permalink Reply
                • PeerTube is definitely cool. I just don't know much of anyone using it! - Cozy
                  Jul 8, 2023 Permalink Reply
                  • I don't expect a lot of people to host their own PeerTube instance, because it's so expensive to sustain.
                    This is why they're often single-user instances.
                    Those who do have their own instances are pretty creative (S3, WireGuard, multi-VPS storage, etc).
                    Jul 8, 2023 Permalink Reply
                • Odysee is a peace of shit.. not too sure about Lbry (what Odysee is based upon), but PeerTube seems like a great choice for me. I hate even downloading videos from Odysee/Lbry, yt-dlp most of the times gives me Unauthorized code or something -_-
                  Jul 4, 2023 Permalink Reply
                  • i still watch a lot of stick fight animations, and hyun's dojo posts on odysee. quality varies between artists, of course, but my impression is that some uploads are exclusive to odysee for being more violent or graphic.
                    Jun 20, 2023 Permalink Reply
                    • my youtube is and i do fitness stuff, cooking stuff and play video games (Pro farlight 84),  though i'll be expanding to more "youtuber" style content because my channel just isn't growing fast enough. 
                      Jun 20, 2023 Permalink Reply
                      • Look for my cooking vids, particularly the Peanut Butter Curry one, it's great tho, it's on yt shorts
                        Jun 20, 2023 Permalink Reply
                        • Cool thx wayofthehawk!
                          Jun 25, 2023 Permalink Reply
                          • also just to be devils advocate, the monitization of youtube means there's infinitely more content then previously, even for niche appeals. if you look hard enough and accept channels that aren't 50k+ subs you an find a lot 
                            Jun 27, 2023 Permalink Reply
                        • ---
                          Jul 1, 2024 Permalink Reply
                        • i've also been thinking of migrating to odysee but there is just so little content there compared to jewtube :( - whole chicken or egg dilemma. Been watching atomicshrimp lately, very cozy fellow. sadly not on odysee but hopefully one day more creators mv
                          Jun 19, 2023 Permalink Reply
                          • I've known personal blogs existed since the beginning the internet, but finding with as much originality and feeling that a genuine human is behind them, instead of some corporate Becky typing away nonsense prompts on shitgpt sure is good.
                            Jun 18, 2023 Permalink Reply
                            • I don't know where I was going with that, but if sites like this exist and are actively updated relatively frequently, I can still hold hope for the future of creativity and genuine experiences on the web. God bless you and keep on trucking!
                              Jun 18, 2023 Permalink Reply
                            • brand new unique things take forever to take off, and need to be based off of an existing franchise or meme to blow up easily. so many garbage video essay channels anymore :(
                              Jun 17, 2023 Permalink Reply
                              • I hate the antichrist
                                Jun 16, 2023 Permalink Reply
                              • Honestly you can just blame the Gootube algoritherm and the rise of carreer Gootubers.
                                Jun 15, 2023 Permalink Reply
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