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General update v3

I still don’t know much about PHP, but I’m starting to get a grasp of it by just tinkering around. I’ve made a few minor changes to the site, if you couldn’t tell. The comment boxes are now displaying text within a <pre> HTML tag instead of the <p> tag. This now makes it possible to comment individual lines and small ASCII art messages! It makes the HTML source look like a mess though, but oh well.

I also discovered that the tinyBBS commenting system makes use of the htmlentities PHP function to sanitize output, mitigating some XSS escape hacks. I wonder though if it’s still vulnerable in some other ways…

By far the largest change I made was in the comment box PHP scripting, which handles some stuff on the back end. Originally I was creating multiple PHP files corresponding to each blog post and loading it from an iframe; but now it’s just a simple line while the rest is centralized outside of the web root. No more creating comment section files for every blog post and no more loading them thru an iframe! I also came up with a crafty way to automatically load the correct comment database table too without having to specify it somewhere. Building the database tables for each comment section is also much more simplified because of this.

The next thing I worked on was a pagination system to reduce the amount of blog posts listed on a single page. This now brings me to possibly implementing some sort of a search indexer in the future, because it could get difficult over time with having to search thru page after page just to find something in particular.

On another note, the housing front isn’t going so well. The house I was in contract with didn’t work out after the appraisal, requiring some repairs from the lender. The seller doesn’t want to make any repairs so I terminated the contract. I’m waiting to hear back if they’re open to a cash offer, but they know they won’t get what they’re asking for if I go that route.

I was pretty disappointed too because the closing was supposed of been this week if all was swell. Also I still have to pay for the damn appraisal fee, survey and whatever other fees from my X-lender too. The house isn’t in bad condition, but could use an uplift. I have the money to do it, but I guess the lender doesn’t trust me.

Hopefully things have been going well for you! If not, then may I suggest a warm bowl of shecannoodle an a can of sprie.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2022-12-17

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  • Hi! Nice upgrade on the comment box. I'm sad to hear that the housing front didn't go as expected, I hope things will go better for you. Thanks for your articles and your blog, it's nice to have some cozy place on the internet these days.
    Dec 18, 2022 Permalink Reply
    • Thx!
      I'm sure there will be more opportunities next year, after the holidays.
      Dec 18, 2022 Permalink Reply
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