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General update v5

Is it just me, or are the chocys tasting kinda crap these days?

Last week was a BUSY week for the site. Seeing the rise in traffic, I spent a lot of time tightening some things down security wise since I saw people in the logs poking around at stuff. I was being lazy and didn’t really care about it until now, but man am I glad that I at least completed the comment captcha form before then!

About 1,442 unique visitors for 2023-02-08! I'm sure there's some bot traffic in there, but it's a lot more than the usual 230 avg. So far the VPS handled it well.

The IRC was bustling for awhile too. I also updated the KiwiIRC web interface and gave it a really cool welcome screen.

Anyways, after shilling my video “Boomer was here” in a few /WSG/ threads, it eventually made its way into the Tweeter normie sphere which saw a lot of eyes and brought lots of traffic. I’m glad to see that it made people laugh and happy!

For any new readers here, welcome to the blog! So, like the first paragraph of the front page says, this is just a place where I post random things. I mostly post about tech stuff, some housing stuff because I’ve been looking for a house, interesting threads that I find on the boards, and mundane things like the choco chip cookie recipe. It can all be quite random and sometimes spur of the moment. Hypothetically speaking, it is completely possible that I might just out of nowhere bring up a topic that nobody asked about.

I do have some things in mind that I would like to write about, but then I get easily distracted by other things and then forget what I was doing or become disinterested. But I’ll get back to it soon™. Just wanted to make this post to say thanks for all the comments, I’ve read em. And also...

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2023-02-14

Happy valentines!

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  • I have fallen down the rabbit hole of 2000s style web blogs and it is a feeling like no other.
    Mar 12, 2023 Permalink Reply
  •  __________________
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    |"General Update!" |
    \  ________________/
     o7       U
    /|       /P\
     /\       /\
    Feb 15, 2023 Permalink Reply
  • yep, almost all "holiday" chocolate has become subtastic... and mini-eggs have become unaffordable, unless you are a fan of reverse-mortgage. :-(
    Feb 14, 2023 Permalink Reply
    • Mmm mmm, those reverse-mortgage chocolates rank right up there with alimony chocolates.
      Feb 15, 2023 Permalink Reply
    • Congratulations, Cozybroz! This site is amazing, you deserve it <3
      Feb 14, 2023 Permalink Reply