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CozyNet Chronicles - EP4 Boomer was here

The Shawshank Redemption greentext brought to life by elevenlabs and a courteous anon in /tv/!


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Date: 2023-02-03

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  • kek
    Mar 3, 2024 Permalink Reply
    • Its funny because we humans are very limited in our consciousness up to the time we born, we really dont have acknowledgement of the time past us therefore, the way of shaping the human species is to change over the years when kids gets raised in the cell
      Sep 14, 2023 Permalink Reply
      • If you are reading this, you are not alone, we all feel like this, it is not "im just too old for this" but rather "unchecked corporations fucked everything, plugged jnternet into irl and THEN the new generations of humans grown used to this ads-jail"
        Sep 14, 2023 Permalink Reply
        • Fyi all caps captcha is hellish for phone users. No upper() method? Also, should keep content on site reload when failing, use localStorage
          Sep 14, 2023 Permalink Reply
          • Unironically crying rn I feel his pain
            Sep 12, 2023 Permalink Reply
            • Based Deus Ex poster
              Aug 2, 2023 Permalink Reply
              • Makes me think about modern day gaming. Never grew up with the early 2000's internet. Always interesting to see an older users experience on the early days of the internet.
                Jun 10, 2023 Permalink Reply
                • it was a different time. in some ways it was more comfy and cozy. But in others it was way more harsh and brutal. I do have to say the one thing i don't miss are all the screamers. dear good those things where annoying as all hell.  
                  Jul 20, 2023 Permalink Reply
                • This hits hard anon.  Thanks for the feels
                  Jun 4, 2023 Permalink Reply
                  • The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it - Rafiki 24 June 1994
                    Jun 2, 2023 Permalink Reply
                    • kino
                      May 31, 2023 Permalink Reply
                      • Love this one!
                        Apr 6, 2023 Permalink Reply
                        • B A S E D
                          Mar 31, 2023 Permalink Reply
                          • This one hurt
                            Mar 2, 2023 Permalink Reply
                            • one of the goods things is emulation where you can play old games on your computer. and also a select few indie games
                              Mar 2, 2023 Permalink Reply
                              • I'm a zoomer but I'm so out of touch (haven't been in touch since 2012) that I associate more with these millenial memes. I grew up with a PS2 and late 90s/early 00s PC games growing up, then later got a PS3 and I already felt the games being more...
                                Feb 16, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                • ...modernized and less fun. I just recently got a PS4 and most games are all woke trash. I won't buy any new consoles and use a PC only to play older games I missed out zone.
                                  Feb 16, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                  • *missed out on
                                    Feb 16, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                    • "woke trash". no these games are just trash plain and simple. "woke" has nothing to do with it. their have been "anti-woke" trash games too. even in our modern age. Don't let your self get blinded by obsession. remember the issues. 
                                      Jul 20, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                    • I got sucked into WoW for about 10 years and missed a lot. Coming out of it around 2016 was like stepping out of a time machine and into a culture shock situation. I think I'll write a blog on it and why I've moved on from gaming as a whole.
                                      Thx! -Cozy
                                      Feb 16, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                      • Dont worry, the current state of affairs isnt because the mistakea of a single generation, but rather our collective fuckups that didnt allow us to stop "Big Tech"
                                        Sep 14, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                      • i miss unreal tournament
                                        Feb 13, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                        • Does anybody have the original green text?
                                          Feb 12, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                          • I'm crying now
                                            Feb 12, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                            • Gold, or silver, or Bitcoin....
                                              Feb 11, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                            • Right in the feels
                                              Feb 11, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                              • Gem
                                                Feb 10, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                                • was a good run homos 
                                                  Feb 8, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                                  • Yeah
                                                    Feb 8, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                                    • *pours one out*
                                                      To The Lost, CozyBroz
                                                      Feb 5, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                                      • The loss of community servers has been a disaster for online games. GAAS was a mistake.
                                                        Feb 4, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                                        • I blame League
                                                          Feb 4, 2023 Permalink Reply
                                                          • There's some truth to it, the lack of community in riot games are clearly a carbon copy of the CCP philosophy uswd to control population, divide and conquer and all of that, and then LoL used to subvert the rest of the world destroyed the gaming/internet.
                                                            Sep 14, 2023 Permalink Reply
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