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Cozy house adventures: A beautiful place, but sadly too far gone.

Pic not related to post today. I was inspired to make this instead. I don't know why.

The weekends here at my parents are boring. So boring in fact, that I’ve come up with a new reason to get out of the house. Exploring abandoned old houses!

Sounds great, eh? So long I’m not shot or something I suppose. I’ve been inspired by the abandoned house exploration channels I like to watch. Maybe I’ll find some nice place this way, if the owner would be willing to sale.

So I found this place on Google Earth by just going over satellite images of ideal areas in the sticks. It can be a little tough to determine if these places are abandoned or not, so usually I just drive by and take a photo or two.

By the way, the best way to determine if a place is legit abandoned is by looking at the yard from the satellite images. Usually if a place is inhabited, there’s trash strung out all over and tire ruts in the yard, because people for some reason like to trash out their places in these parts. If it looks clean, then it’s likely abandoned.

Clicking on the images will open a larger version in a new tab.

Since this place is out in the sticks, I had to take some gravel roads to get to it. It has nice views and it’s very quiet and serene out here. In case you're wondering why everything is dead looking, it's because it's still the winter season here.

I saw a collection of someones bee boxes to the side of the road. I didn’t stop to check them out though.

You can sort of see the house in the distance, past the field and some pasture land. It’s not a really good shot.

And here she is! I think this was called a folk Victorian style? I don’t really know, but if you look closely at the images, you’ll notice that someone at some point removed the original windows and shortened their heights. Kind of lame when people do that to older homes, because the newer windows never match with the overall intended aesthetic.

Here’s the yard, left to the previous image. Despite all the mud ruts from the cattle farmers, I still think it looks nice. It has plenty of space for activities and the old barn in the back is perfect for keeping some small livestock.

Again, the left side of the house. Notice the chimneys? Yeah, there’s no fireplace in the house. I guess those were closed up long ago, but the owners kept the chimneys in place.

Here’s the back of the house. Old rotted out deck and a small back addition where a back porch probably once was.

The right side of the house. You can see the cut out marks where the original windows and a back door once were.

Here’s the back of the house inside the addition near the rotted porch deck. Behind me in this photo is a wide open door way which I walk into next.

It’s a total wreck in here. It’s too bad my camera takes such lousy low FOV photos, because there’s junk strewn out all over the floor in here. I had to step over it to get around. Also notice the high ceilings in this place. I love those high ceilings!

You can see the house leaning in this picture. I was as level as I thought when I took this one.

The next room over. It’s also a mess. Rodent poop all over the floors too.

Someone pulled the breaker box apart. I’m surprised copper thieves haven’t pulled the walls apart here.

A love knot left on the wall.

A picture of the door knobs in this house. This ones is pretty simple. Some of the other doors are setup with old rim locks. If I ever buy an old house and need period appropriate doors or knobs, I know where to look!

So this is the living room. Kinda dingy.

The piano still worked, but the keys were sticking bad.

I have this same ceiling fan in my bed room.

This is the other side of the house now. Just a random shelf of junk. There’s old tiles all over the floor that fell from the ceiling in here too.

The kitchen is a mess. I was hoping to find antique fixtures or an old stove from the 40’s to keep in my mental catalog, but nah. Just junk.

The house uses gas jets and propane for heating. Gas is always great to have since it’s reliable and not dependent on electrical service, which is particularly spotty in the sticks.

This is the other front half of the house. The tacky half assed 70’s renovation really makes it ugly.

Found some old National Geographic tapes.

Back outside! Check out the old TV.

The lumber looks nice for the foundation, but it looks like some dope head re-leveled it at some point with cinder blocks, and faced them down in the wrong direction! This side of the house is sinking too.

Nice propane tank. You can reuse these too. I know a place that’ll repair them and it’s not that expensive too.

Here’s the front porch of the house. It’s pretty bad, and also I could hear bees in the ceiling over here.

And then there’s the old barn. I love this old barn!

The back of the house from the POV of the barn.

This is the other small shed in the yard. Just full of old junk.

Here’s the pasture beside the house. It’s full of old farm equipment.

A gnarly old tree nearby.

Found this dead rabbit in the yard. I almost stepped on it!

Check out that nice open view!

I can see that it was once a beautiful home, but it’s been stripped of all its original charm somewhere along the way. It’s in a perfect spot, but the house is just too far gone. It no doubt has some nice lumber that could be used toward building a new place. It could possibly be restored, but I don’t think it would be worth it.

And that concludes the house exploring adventure today.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2023-02-06

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