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When I was a kid, I didn’t have full blown access to the internet until I was about 13. We didn’t even really have TV, except for a few channels. I was obsessed with action figures and would force my brother and friends into these elaborate worlds. Star Wars action figures were by far my favorite, but Marine and military action figures, dinosaurs, robots, and stuffed animals worked just as well.

Then came the internet days. At first it was shitty old dial up that you couldn’t do anything on, but eventually we got DSL and that’s pretty much been it to this date. Keep in mind, I live in a rural area and everything out here is about 10 to 20 years behind. There’s still no broadband out here, and fibre internet? Never knew her!

I immediately hit Cheat Code Central to write down every cheat code for my games, because the school library blocked it years ago. It didn’t take long to find free music on the internet and burn those onto CD’s. Then printed out a bunch of video game and cartoon characters to cut out and tape onto the wall of my bedroom for some reason. Then eventually came online gaming, forums, and chat rooms. Man oh man the creative potential that unlocked!

That all ended my action figure toy craze within the year. Little did I know this would turn into an unhealthy near twenty year long addiction that wouldn’t become realized until recently.

Hop in bitch, we're gonna hunt dinosaurs in the backyard!

Fall of the web

To me, the web was a place without limits. You could LARP as anyone you wanted, and video games really enhanced that experience. But as the games have all declined in quality over the past ten years since they were pulled apart by greed and political shit flinging retards, I eventually just stopped playing them. Match making and “e-sports” ruined the competitive gaming scenes, watering it down into profit driven sports ball slop. Remember clans, guilds, organizing scrimmage matches and community servers? Poof! All gone now. In the gaming scene of today, it seems like everyone just simps for some nobody e-begging grifter at Twitch or YouTube, and somehow thinks that counts as a comooonity.

Bros, this is the face of a bad ass l33t MLG pro gamer god. You better watch out. He could totally 360 no scope your mom, no cap on a stack fr fr.

The online role playing games were always a little awkward. I treated them as I did my action figures and the pretend worlds I would make up for them, but I don’t think anyone really RP’s anymore except for perverts? There might be some RP communities out there that are still alright, but I’ve grown out of it. It just seems too childish to get back into at this point in my life.

The old forums and image boards are mostly gone, but they weren't that much worth writing home about. Just like the social media services that replaced them, they were filled to the brim in product consumerism obsessed with specs, rank, looks, whatever. It’s always the same crap too, “post desktop,” “post specs,” “what’s your favorite x,” “how do you do y,” “can someone help me with z,” along with gossip and drama threads. Breaking news and story threads are about all that’s worth revisiting these sites for anymore.

Chat rooms are still around, but are either inactive or filled up with spam. Sort of always been that way come to think of it... The conversations are almost always shallow and inauthentic too, lacking any kind of description or life behind it.


In essence, the novelty of the internet as a mode of communication and expression is wearing thin. It’s an old boring has been, perpetuated by a rampant obsession in connecting cars, mobile phones, identity verification, clothing apparel and kitchen appliances. You name it, it’s everywhere and we’re all forced to it. It’s become less and less of a social tool, and more and more a hijacked vehicle with everyone as hostages onboard. You can’t jump off the ride without facing certain death as you’re careening down the rails at breakneck speeds, neither can you make it stop, and everyone else onboard are delirious and have lost their minds.

A whole civilization built up over thousands of years of rich culture and history saw it fit to throw everything away in the matter of a few decades just so that it could re-build its image around a DARPA funded 90’s pop-culture psyop! Hah, no wonder why everything seems so fake and gay anymore! What a delusion.

“And often times to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths; Win us with honest trifles, to betray us in deepest consequence." – William Shakespeare


So yeah, that about sums the internet up for me. I was and still am addicted to it, but I’ve been gradually recovering. I’m at a point now that I can finally see some clarity for once. I guess this is what you would call sobering up? Breaking free of the addiction is now within reach, because the internet is really boring! I didn’t actually try to break the addiction myself, it just sort of occurred on its own.

At least blogging can sometimes be a little fun.

Thanks for reading my blog!

A general update v2 Sun, 13 Nov 2022 10:45:00 CST

Henloooo! Anyone there? Hey everyone that’s still reading my blog; you guys are still here, right?? I haven't really been shilling the site much lately, so I don't really know. I don't even keep track of visits or any kind of analytics, so it's all a void to me.

Anywho, I’ve been a little busy the past few weeks, and haven’t been in the mood to write anything up for the blog.

I’ve been on the house hunting front, and it hasn’t been that easy since we all know that the price of housing is still at an all time high, and mortgage interest rates are increasing. Scalpers are still out there in full force, but fortunately the sorts of homes that I’ve been on the look out for are often surprisingly affordable, but just difficult to find. These are pretty much old farm homes built over 80 years ago in a secluded location with some land. They’re often in rough shape and in serious need of repair, as well as a whole lot of restoration due to the blight of the 70’s that either covered up or destroyed anything of original character.

You can still find them, but the land part is nearly impossible, unless you really bump up that budget!

The first house that I blogged about a few months back unfortunately didn’t make it. The owner wasn’t interested in my offer since they were adamant in keeping the barn and 1 acre of land which I required. I was offering well over fair price for it given the depreciated condition of the house and the money pit it was going to be to repair.

So after more searching and more waiting, another place meeting my criteria was listed! It’s a house built in the 1930’s that’s about 1,800 sqft, includes a nice large barn, a well and pump, and a chain link fence around the perimeter! The house is in very good condition, not requiring too many repairs; but restorative work wise, it’ll need a lot done since it’s wrapped up in ugly old gray vinyl, some of the interior is covered in faux wood paneling where it once would have been a wallpaper over fabric and shiplap, a few hardwood floors covered up in linoleum, and much of its original trim and hardware fixtures are unfortunately missing. I suspect the kitchen’s original hardwood flooring is missing too since the seller had it redone after re-leveling the house. I think it will be a fun project to gradually restore, giving me the opportunity to visit garage sales, estates sales, and vintage shops.

It’s not on very much land, coming in at 0.9 acres, but I did speak to a neighbor who knows the owner of a parcel of land beside the house that would be willing to sale. The house is primarily a first level home, but it does have two bed rooms on the second level with a bath.

The seller is asking for more than I believe it’s really worth, but given its good condition, they’re not trying to scalp you for it either, so I’ve submitted my offer for the house and the seller accepted. We signed a purchase contract just a few days ago. In the next few days I’ll be busy dealing with signing papers, reading papers, and probably driving my butt off too. I didn’t really take it into consideration that the title company is half way on the other side of Texas, so I’m going to do everything digitally where possible.

I hope it works out this time, because my parents are slowly driving me nuts. There’s no way I can make it here for mare than a year. Somedays the apartment could get pretty bad with the noise levels due to peoples crappy dogs, ambulance sirens every 5 minutes, and people peeling off at the traffic light on the street; but this is way worse. I’m not gonna rag on them and bitch about it though because it's pretty much rent free, so I'm thankful for that. I'll just keep dealing with it until an opportunity arrives while saving up more money in the meantime.

Thanks for reading my blog!

My Poop_OS! review Thu, 27 Oct 2022 10:210:00 CST

Oh whoah waowie, a heckin desktop review!

I get it. These reviews are sort of annoying to hear now. It's always the same dumb shit, no matter where you go, so I don't intend to make a habbit of it. If you don’t want to read it, then I understand. You can just skip past this one bros.

Anyhow, I wanted to get a review out there for Pop_OS because I've found it to be genuinely useful. POS is like the more functional version of default Ubuntu without snapd and a better GNOME desktop. Yeah yeah yeah, I can hear you now stroking that epeen, “GUI desktops are bloat! Use a huwindow manager you casual!” And I've used WM's before too, but damn it I like my floating windows. Bite me!

Now, Pop_OS is pretty much exactly how I would setup the GNOME desktop without having to go thru all the trouble of enabling and installing extensions, just for GNOME to wreck it a few months later in an update.

Look at that, it has app indicators, which are still a required thing no matter how much footfreaks want to bitch and moan about them. We still got to have em!

It has a dock bar that STAYS visible, and it’s re-sizable! No more clicking that bullshit “Activities” button, just to launch or flip around between applications. And, since it’s re-sizable, you can save on workspace realestate by reducing that awful fat finger tablet dock to a more manageable size too.

I guess the light theme and dark theme options are alright. I didn’t mind the dark theme much, but I think I prefer my Dracula setup more. Anyhow, everything blends together pretty well here from either theme, so good job System76.

There’s also an included recovery partition, which is nice for recovering your system after tamping with a config file that bricks the install. It's a little more friendly than a busy-box or the standard terminal heavy rescue or emergency modes.

Of course you have all the botnet sign in features too, for those of you that just need to have a Microsoft account tied in here. I’m actually not so sure what it does. I see that it says stuff about calendar and email, but does this actually work? Wouldn't know, I don't have any accounts with them!

The Pop Shop application center is pretty good. It supports flatpaks, which I prefer to snaps, it includes flathub which is fantastic, and provides the option to install from the local package manager if the package is available (it isn't always accurate though.)

It even includes firmware updates for supported devices. My Dell laptop is considered a supported device under the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS), so will occasionally receive NSA BIOS backdoor upgrades this way. If you have a supported device, it really is a first class experience.

The default applications with POS are alright I suppose. I’m too use to my XUbuntu defaults, so usually just replace them with those. Thunar for file explorer, Mousepad for basic text, and the old Galculator (not sure if that was ever a default.) I'm not a big fan of Nautilus.

Also on the note of file managers, POS comes with the CIFS utils which is the first time I've seen that work right out of the box from a Linux desktop. I was able to connect to my NAS server no problem! However, Nautilus is a little flakey here; you have to prefix "smb://" to specify the protocol, and that "connect" button to the side doesn't work either. Have to press the enter key. Thunar works better.


Who doesn’t like a little gaming? Given the semi-rolling release nature of POS, it’s not a bad choice for gaming. I know a lot of Linux gaymers prefer Arch for this sort of thing, but for those of us with a life /s, POS is a little more stable in this regard and will release OS version upgrades as they see fit.

Gaming on POS has been a breeze for me, but I’ve always made sure that my hardware is well supported by Linux. I use an AMD GPU in my gaming rig, and it’s all worked out great with Lutris + WINE DXVK and Steam + Proton. One problem I did encounter after upgrading the OS version, Lutris defaulted itself to the CPU onboard graphics for rendering games, which took me awhile to figure out why performance had suddenly tanked. Fortunately I found a toggle in the settings and was able to fix it.

The bluetooth dongle that I use also works well with my speakers, but it’s still a bitch to get the damn Wii-motes to pair up properly with Dolphin emulator. They do work, it just takes some finagling.

The PS2 emulator still runs like trash; but it always has (both native and thru WINE.) I don’t know how the hell people get this piece of shit to run games at 4K without performance issues. Wish I could play my Jak games and arcade racers again without breaking out the old PS2.


  • Battery life on POS has been just fine for my Dell laptop. It’s not as good as what you would see with Windows, but it’s not bad either. I have a 12 hour battery, but it will last around 7 – 8 hours on POS, so long I’m not doing anything too extensive.

  • There are some additional features of POS, such as a window tiling function and I think some sort of a keyboard layout selection function. I don’t have a need for any of these features though, so I never used them. Not sure if they’re any good or not, but maybe other people would be interested to know.

  • POS picks up the house printer no problem, and it also picks up some of the printers at work too. I can’t say if it’s very functional with Xerox MFP type printers since those are only accessible from the corporate network, but it would be interesting to know.

Minor nitpicks:

  • The application finder “Show Applications” is alright, I suppose. It would be great if I could pin applications on here instead of being presented with a list of frequently used.

  • I have noticed that when I suspend my laptop and pack it away in my bag, it will sometimes build up in heat. I don’t know why that is, because it doesn’t happen with XUbuntu. Maybe it's those backdoor BIOS firmware upgrades. It’s a mystery to me.

  • The qt5-settings and styles package should be included by default so that the system GTK theme is also applied to QT applications, such as KeePassXC. It’s nice to see that System76 thought to include a flatpak package to theme flatpak installed applications! (Just don't forget to install it.)

  • Last nitpick. The default Cosmic desktop layout is just clunky! That dockbar is WAY too fat and in the wrong layout and just gets in my way. Move it to the left side as a vertical dock and reduce it down in size by as much as 4-times. Floating dock bars along the bottom just waste vertical space.

Wrap up:

So that’s my review of POS. I like it and recommend it for anyone that needs an OS that just werks. It's become the new Ubuntu of Linux distributions in my eyes being easy to use, looks good, and works well.

I don’t want to shill their store here, but System76 do sell computers too. I much prefer building my own though and re-using old parts and old PC’s. It isn’t always necessary to throw old hardware away, unless it’s absolutely toasted junk.

Thanks for reading my blog!

New age media and the great griftening (updated fix) Fri, 22 Oct 2022 10:50:00 CST

I use to watch a lot of hardware and software tech-tubers and review channels right around when they took off in popularity. This was somewhere around late 2000‘s and early 10‘s. Prior to that, there weren’t really any big flashy tech-channels like you see today, so it was mostly made up by the hobbyist and podcaster sort. Just small time stuff really.

Today’s tech channels are on a whole other level though. What was once a quiet nerd centric hobby is now re-packaged and hoisted up onto the mass media alter of consumption with flashy intros, loud noisy music, and fast talking high octane hosts hopped up on speed. This isn’t anything new when small time hobbies are dressed up and rolled out into the mainstream eye, but I’ve noticed a trend in behavior over the decade among these sort of channels.

When they first start off, they typically appear as honest down to earth folk sharing their interests, stories, and a little technical experience. In all, a very personable sort! But as time progresses, they grow in popularity and seem to let it go to their heads.

The comfy old bedroom and garage are transformed into a cluttered neon-lit griftcave stacked to the ceiling in merchandise. Their names and logos scrawled wherever they could fit, various trophies, knickknacks and mementos that project their inflated egos and unmaintainable consumerist lifestyles.

Some of them might really hit the jackpot and move into a studio set decked out in professional lighting and recording equipment along with a camera crew!

No longer are they just a nerd talking about Legos and computers from a crappy webcam and $15 Logitech headset. They’ve made it big time, and have fans now and a little money too! They begin to believe themselves to be a voice of profound knowledge and an authority simply for knowing how to smile for the camera and sell hats.

A few quotes describing grifters:

  • Grifters and con artists are very proficient with the use of words. They excel at the art of persuasion by convincing you to do something you don’t want to do. They are what is classified as “smooth” and gifted with communication. Often, their verbal skills are combined with fast talking. A grifter talks fast so you have difficulty ascertaining the details.
  • The grifter presents you with something you may perceive as being a problem, and then offers to solve it.
  • Swindlers often try to create a sense of urgency for you to act immediately or make it sound so easy.
  • A con artist’s confidence level is off-the-charts high. They are so confident of what they are talking about that you can believe anything is possible. They have no problem lying and they show little signs of true empathy.
  • They bounce off every objection and come back to hammer the offer. But, they are charming and full of charisma as they do it. They can come off as being very likeable to gain your good graces.
  • A grifter con artist often has a scheme that hinges on him/her being a person of authority. This lends credence and credibility to their scam.

Any of that sound familiar?

A young audience captivated by a grifter

These guys are an evolution of the infomercial pitchmen like Mike Rowe, Billy Mays, and Phil Swift with a hybrid cross into televangelists like Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, and Kenneth Copeland.

They’ll peddle just about anything if there’s a profit to be made while simultaneously mixing it with motivational speaking and sweet words of success. They’ll echo the sentiments of their target demographic, appeal to pop-culture trends, and even drag in their own families and children to play along in the act. While pitchmen would ordinarily stay within the domain of their products and televangelists likewise, internet grifters are largely untethered with an unrestricted ease of accessibility into any demographic. They can lean in on the support of their sponsors or the support of their fanbase however it may suit them with little consequence.

One day they could be peddling an RTX RGB botnet vacuum that nobody cares about and accuse anyone growing tired of the grift as thieves and pirates. Then the next day, espouse their unhinged low-key genocidal eugenic beliefs for an impressionable audience to lap up.

Talk about jumping the shark, what sane person talks like this!?

The Cozy way to spotting internet grifters!

  1. Read thru the bullet list above that describes the characteristics of a grifter, it’s pretty spot on!
  2. Obnoxious repetition and reminders to donate and buy merchandise.
  3. Staged product placement with labels always facing the camera.
  4. A cult of personality tied into their merchandise and branded products.
  5. Unwarranted opinions and uneducated irrational responses of current issues and political affairs to boost viewer engagement.
  6. A bellicose temperament toward any criticism or questioning of their supposed intellect.
  7. An obsession with branding, fashion, money, fame and viewer counts.

To put it plainly, these are peddlers and fraudsters LARPing in geek-chique. After gaining a modicum of notoriety, some of them if not most, are acquired in various ways by corporate and state sponsors as bargain bin influencer’s. Internet grifters are far more effective in amassing and influencing an audience than faceless bots on social networks or irrelevant movie stars from dying media formats.

I can’t get too upset about them being here though, because in a small way, they can still serve a function. A grifters existence is emergent given the right conditions, and can serve as a sort of bellwether that something isn’t quite right. There’s a reason they’ve had little success anywhere else outside the few large internet media platforms (i.e. Twitter, YouTube, Twitch), and that’s because advertising conglomerates promote, cultivate, and own them.

Nothing screams “I’m a tool!,” like wearing a grifters merch in public.

This sort of behavior is normalized and reinforced as a “good thing” by these platforms, because it generates engagement and therefor profit; despite the damage it causes. Not every grifter on the griftnet is aware of what they are or what they’ve become, and think nothing of it.

Tech-tubers can make for an okay resource in demonstrating stuff with detail and giving a close look up of whatever you may be interested in, but don’t let them string you along and hoodwink you with their good looks and charismatic charm. They might call themselves entertainers, motivators, or whatever, but let’s not fool ourselves here. They’re sales men, not pastors.

Thanks for reading my blog!

What’s the beef with Metaverse and VR chat? Sat, 15 Oct 2022 16:20:00 CST

I watched some of the John Carmack Meta Connect 2022 Unscripted Talk live stream and... It looks kinda like ass. Although it’s still early stages and they intend to improve the graphics, this has been going on now for a few years and $10 Billion (with a B) dollars later this is the result. Oof, this isn’t looking so good Metabros. This might just top Star Citizen!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed a general cynicism and beef against VR chat technology just about everywhere across the web; specifically, from Reddit. I recall when all of this Meta stuff came about, it seemed like everyone collectively gathered to crap all over it at once. I can understand being pretty miffed if you were an original backer of the Oculus Rift before it was snatched up by the claws of FaceBook, but most of it is really just contempt for FaceBook and the Zuck over superficial reasons. Some people will rightly accuse that it’s attempting to replace real life interactions for a poor alternative or is invasive of privacy, but hasn’t that already occurred with social media and video games? Why the sudden knee jerk reaction over VR? If it’s worth anything, VR can be at least a more intimate experience than role playing in some chatroom or a game.

If it were any other company, people would be singing a different tune right now. Well, maybe besides Microsoft, Oracle, or Amazon... Now if this were Apple or Nintendo, you would see so many slack jawed soy-swilling man-child bugmen simping for it at this very moment.

At present, FaceBook seems to be leading the charge here in terms of controlled media narratives when it comes to VR. PlayStation and Valve haven’t even come close. The tech itself and its range of potential capabilities looks pretty neat, and the “Metaverse” idea isn’t that bad. The advertising, NFT’s, and crypto shit should of been kept out though. They’re also advertising to the wrong demographics (gen X-ers and specifically millennials.) While those two may have accumulated some bank from wage hustling compared to the broke-as-fugg Zoomies and gen-Ack! they’re also well seasoned to the bullshit and jaded as all hell. Just give it time and those crazy little tidepod munching shit-eaters will start earning some wagie points too.

As someone that’s about to turn 30 in the next few months, I couldn’t give a damn about some VR hangout; I don’t even like people or hanging out with people anymore, it’s too exhausting and anyone I know doesnt have the time! I had my kicks back then role playing in WoW on the Moonguard server and I really don’t care to go back to that kind of lifestyle. But if I can use the tech in some way to augment reality and project a bad ass Minority Report multi-monitor setup for my office, then I’m interested!

Now, while I can see the usefulness of this in an office or at home, there’s one big glaring problem that’s typically overlooked here; the technical nature in how all of this is intended to work!

It’s the same old client server model, where everything is controlled down to the most minor of details from an authoritative figure up top. Is this really the sort of governing model you want to abide by to conduct yourself in future social interactions with others? Heaven forbid if this becomes the defacto to replace physical human interaction. Does anyone really think this is a good idea given how authoritative these companies have become?

Some might argue that the implementation of the technology is so impossibly complicated and demanding that it could never operate without adopting such a model. This is only an excuse for what is otherwise a poorly engineered shit-heap. All around us are devices that would have been considered super computers not that long ago given their capabilities, and super computers back then were doing some pretty amazing things! Sad to see how people are so easily tricked into believing that our own personal computers aren’t capable of more than email, porn, or vidya. Hell, even most of that’s now migrated into “cloud” platforms because of made up bullshit reasons while our own devices have become little more than dumb terminals.

If it isn’t obvious enough by now, the hardware is only an afterthought that will be sold at a loss to lure in the serfs and debt slaves, similar to that of gaming consoles or smart phones. It’s all about the services, licensing, and contracts which binds the hardware, and exactly how those services will be used as virtual feedlots to cultivate its user-base into a high yield data-mining cash cow.

As I see it right now, you’ve got a mechanoid billionaire creep and a dredged up has been celebrity cool-kid hacker of the 90‘s trying to pitch to you their experimental radioactive brain scrambling operant conditioning strap on Viewmaster!

If this was just about the hardware, then I should be able to self host my own chat services and my own VR “metaverse” server too. This is what ended online gaming for me, when the publishers migrated to match making systems to maximize their profits thru planned obsolescence and continuous payment schemes. So anything to do with VR or AR that implements the same client server model is dead on arrival in my eyes.

Standing back and just taking it all in, I realize that most of this stuff is a distraction and not good for anyones health either mentally of physically. For myself, the optimism I once held for technology has mostly dissipated seeing that it’s being weaponized to bite you in the ass. Instead of seeing the horizon of a new dawn in a world full of great potential, I see a wall that is being gradually built up brick by brick blocking out that horizon with the intent of one day imprisoning everyone and gatekeeping them from their natural human forms of expression. It's not going to end well for anyone involved!

Thanks for reading my blog!

The cozy XFCE desktop guide (2022) Wed, 5 Oct 2022 13:45:00 CST

Looking for a cozy XFCE desktop? Then look no further! Here is my cozy XFCE desktop guide for 2022. This guide is based around XUbuntu, so if you’re on a different operating system, then you might run into a few snags if you’re new to Linux desktops and not so sure of what you’re doing.

Download links

Install Docklike panel plugin

Docklike is just a plugin to include dock bar functionality in the XFCE panel. By default, Docklike is often not included and will need to be installed. Make sure you add the above PPA and run the install command.

If you are on an Arch based distribution, Docklike is available in the AUR.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras
sudo apt update
sudo apt install xfce4-docklike-plugin

After installing docklike, open XFCE panel preferences and replace the window list plugin for the docklike plugin. Adjust the dock plugin activity indicator color to #998be3 so that it will match the GTK theme. Set the inactive indicator color to whatever you want.

Install Fira Sans font

Download the Fira Sans font from the GitHub link above and extract it. Create a .fonts folder in your user home.

mkdir -p ~/.fonts

Copy the fira and roboto-slab folders from the extract contents into the .fonts folder that you just created. After copying those over, go to XFCE appearances, click on the Fonts tab, then change the default fonts to “Fira Sans Condensed Regular” at 9 points. Then change the default monospace font to “Fira Mono Regular” at 10 points.

Install Dracula GTK theme

Download the Dracula GTK theme from the GitHub link above and extract it. You should get a “gtk-master” folder as the extracted content. Rename it to Dracula then create a .themes folder in your user home

mkdir -p ~/.themes

Copy the “Dracula” folder into the .themes folder that you just created, then go to XFCE appearances and change the style to Dracula. Also don't forget to go to XFCE Window manager and change the window manager theme to Dracula. Adjust the window titlebar font to Fira Sans Condensed Bolt at 9 points with a left alignment.

Install Dracula terminal color scheme

Download the Dracula terminal theme from the GitHub link above and extract it. You should get an “xfce-terminal-master” folder. Open that folder and copy the “Dracula.theme” file and create the following directory path:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/xfce4/terminal/colorschemes/

Now paste the Dracula.theme file into the above location that you just created. Open XFCE terminal, go into preferences, then click on the Colors tab, then change the color preset to Dracula.

Install Delight icon theme

Download the Delight Purple icon theme from the XFCE-look link above. Make sure to download the Delight Purple icon theme, unless you want something else. Extract the file and open the Delight-purple folder that is extracted. Copy the two icon theme folders and create a .icons folder in your user home.

mkdir -p ~/.icons

Now paste the copied icon theme folders into the .icons folder that you just created. Open XFCE appearances, click on the icons tab, then select the Delight icon theme. You will see two to select from, so make sure you choose the one that matches the dark theme properly.

XFCE panel configuration

Open the XFCE panel preferences and adjust the row size height to 34px. On the appearance tab, change the Icon size to a static 16px. Then make sure to set the Notification Area (if you have it), and the status notifier plugins to display 16px square icons.

For the Whisker menu plugin, you can set the panel button display option to “Title” then set the title as spaced dots like “ . . . “

Firefox theme

For the Firefox theme, search for the Alpenglow Dark Solid theme.

Qt application themes

To theme Qt applications, you’ll need to install the following.

sudo apt install qt5-style-plugins qt5ct

Getting qt5ct to work is a pain in the ass, so you may need to read up on how to set its global environment variable in order to get it to work. On Xubuntu you just modify “/etc/X11/Xsession.d/56xubuntu-session”

Make sure 56xubuntu-session looks like the following (if there are extra things in there that’s not in the below example, then just leave them alone and make sure that QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME is set for qt5ct.)

# Set default environment vars in Xubuntu
if [ "$DESKTOP_SESSION" = xubuntu ]; then
    export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct

After that you’ll have to either log out or reboot, then you should be able to open Qt5 Settings without it bitchen about the qt5ct variable not being set.

Now in Qt5 Settings, make sure the style is set for gtk2. Click on fonts tab and set the general font to Fira Sans Condensed 10 and the fixed width to Fira Mono 8. Click on Icon theme and set it to the Delight icon theme. Click Apply, OK, then close it out.


Now all that’s left is picking out a good background that matches with the desktop! I did notice there are a few icons missing in the icon theme, so some of them are those symbolic icons and others are filled in. Also someone on the XFCE-look site mentioned that the icon theme is stolen from one of Google Materials android icon sets? Oh well, I think it looks alright.

And that concludes the cozy XFCE desktop theme guide. I hope you all like it. If you have any questions, then ask in the comments or just drop by the IRC and I'll try to help. Until next time.

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Internet anons free AI from restraints to unleash untold havoc! Sun, 25 Sep 2022 13:30:00 CST

Hey there bros, this is another long post with many images in it. I don't want to over-load your feed readers with them, so you'll have to read this one on the site instead!

A general update Sat, 24 Sep 2022 18:40:00 CST

So I’ve been a busy bee these past two weeks, which might explain my sudden lack in blog spam. I’ve been in contact with the realtor of the house that I visited in my previous post.

I was considering hiring my own agent for handling negotiations, but after seeing the cost of one, forget it! I’ll just be my own agent. But to be ones own agent means lots of studying, which doesn’t involve just personal finances, but also markets and market trends, formulating professional letter of offers which include contingencies that become part of a legal binding contract if the seller accepts.

I’ve also been learning all things about mortgages, interest rates, amortization schedules, etc. This is so that I don’t get swindled or shoot myself in the foot. It’s been a lot and I’m wore out from it, so I hope it works out. If not, at least I now know exactly my budget and am pre-approved by my bank.

As for another note in general updates, the ISP company came back to me in an email saying that they’re no longer considering my registration after “careful consideration.” Yeah whatever... I’ll just rough it with my current position and keep an eye out for anything else that comes along.

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More house searching woes and adventures Sun, 11 Sep 2022 21:10:00 CST

This one is a long blog post with a lot of images in it. I don't want to accidentally overload your feed reader and cause a problem. I intend to include my blogs with the feed, but in this case you'll have to read it on the site itself. Sorry bros!

You can either open the included link with the feed, or just click here.

Scraping RSS feeds from YouTurd channels, the EZ way! Fri, 9 Sep 2022 12:50:00 CST
Click for template.

So this is going to require a Mozilla based web browser to do because it supports bookmarklets, which are pretty much bookmarks that can run some javascript on a page.

Step 1:

Create a bookmark.

Step 2:

Copy the following script into the bookmark “location” or “URL” form.


Step 3:

Go to any channel on YouTubb, then click that bookmark and profit!

You should see the following prompt with an exact feed address. Copy this into your feed reader and you’ll no longer need the subscribe or bell crap to follow a channel.

Also, please increase the auto-refresh frequency of your feed reader to at least 15 minutes and not every minute, otherwise Google will catch on and cut it off. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us now, OK!?

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A novelty LAN chat with Tmux Wed, 7 Sep 2022 22:50:00 CST

Did you know know that it's possible to make your very own chat client out of tmux, tail, echo, and a network file share?

Now this is just a novelty thing and really not intended for some sort of serious use, but it’s fun to tinker with! Think of it like a pair of tin cans attached to a string.

Something to note. If you’re mounting a CIFS / SAMBA file share with GVFS, then this might not really work well since GVFS obfuscates direct paths. You could create a soft link (shortcut) on your desk top to the file share, then specify that in the following script as a work around.

Step 1:

Let’s make a small shell script with the following contents. You can name the script whatever you would like, but I’ll call it “” for this example.


chat_func () {
  while true
    DATE=$(date +%T)
    read -p "Chat: " msg
    if [[ "$msg" = "/quit" ]];
      echo "$DATE $nick: User has exit the chat." >> "$file_location"
      tmux kill-session
      echo "$DATE $nick: $msg" >> "$file_location"

chat_log () {
  tail -F -n 10 "$file_location"

session () {
  tmux new-session "./chat -log ; read" \; split-window -p 10 -v "./chat -com ; read"

case "$1" in

Step 2:

Within that shell script, you’ll need to insert your network file path beside the “file_location” variable, followed by the name of a file. It can be any name you want, but just make sure that it doesn’t contain any spaces, or the name of something that’s already there that might be important to you! This file will be used for handling chat discussions.

You can also adjust the “nick” variable to have whatever nickname you want, or you can just leave it as “$USER”

Also don’t forget to make the script executable!

chmod +x

Step 3:

Now, go and grab a willing fren to setup this same script on their computer, and point it to the same file on the network file system. Then both of you will be able to chat with each other!

To exit the chat, type “/quit”

How it works

So let's start with the bottom of the script in the "case" section. When you call up the script just as "./" this will direct "case" to run the "session" function.

session function: The "session" function will execute a new tmux session that calls up a split. The top split executes the script with the "-log" flag, and the second split launches the script with the "-com" flag.

chat_log function: The "-log" flag in "case" will run the "chat_log" function, which executes tail to follow the text file that holds the conversation. This will output into the top split of the tmux session.

chat_func function: The "-com" flag in "case" will run the "chat_func" function, which runs a while loop. Within the loop, a date variable is set for time stamping the conversation, as well as a "read" prompt that is used for typing in the message. This message is then checked for the "/quit" pattern before submitting it to the file.

The reason for using "case" and flag options is so that tmux can launch each function that's needed for the chat client to work.

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My comment box setup shenanigans for the website Tue, 6 Sep 2022 12:50:00 CST

While people were out at the lake enjoying their memorial holiday to a BBQ and cold beer, I decided to be extra social by staying inside of my room and setting up a comment system for the website!

For now it’s in a beta testing phase, so I can’t exactly guarantee that any comments will remain or if this platform will stick around.

A good anon in my IRC recommended that I take a look at TinyBBS for a commenting system. It’s an old project that hasn’t been updated in 11 years… BUT, it works! I had some trouble with it at first since documentation is sparse. There’s a schema to be imported for creating a table, as well as some php files to tweak. Despite the sparse documentation, it’s pretty small and not that difficult to just read over and figure out.

Commenting doesn’t require registration, which we’ll see how that pans out. It’s also quite clean and utilizes PHP and MySQL. I don’t know shid about databases, and yeah yeah I know there’s a DB password out there in a PHP file. There isn’t much I can do about it, but there may be some “hardening” I could accomplish.

I had to make some tooling to more easily handle comment deletions and table generation for each blog. It’s kind of rough, but it’s basically just text manipulation of the source material for the specification, then copies the contents where they need to go as well as import the new schema.

You can test it out now in the comment section below! (That is if you’re reading this from the website and not a feed reader.) I’ve also enabled it for the previous two blog posts, “CozyNet Chronicles - Episode 1 (Video)” and “My choco cookie recipe.”

Anyhow, if anyone’s interested, I could try and make a write up on how to set this up yourself, so just let me know. Just bare in mind I don’t know wtf I’m doing and have probably just made a huge security no no.

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CozyNet Chronicles - Episode 1 Sun, 4 Sep 2022 11:30:00 CST

Click here for video! I didn't want to include a direct link to it since some feed readers will auto-download files within a video element.

This is a little video I’ve been working on. I made this out of GIFs in GIMP, then put it together with Kdenlive. It took about a week to complete (the part with the crying frog is three days of work!) I think there are probably better tools than GIMP for making GIFs.

This is made in 4:3 at 800x600 because it's easiest to work with. Higher and wider resolutions quickly become difficult to manage.

Anyhow, let me know what you think! I’ll might make more in the future.

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My choco cookie recipe Sat, 3 Sep 2022 11:25:00 CST

This is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. They taste just like the Toll House cookies you can find at the store, if not better, because we get to use real vanilla here.

Now, It’s important that you follow the recipe; don’t cut corners. Do exactly what is specified in the recipe. The extracts and vinegar are important here.

If you can RTFM, then you can do this, alright?


  • 2/3 cup (142g) light brown sugar, packed
  • 2/3 cup (131g) granulated sugar
  • 8 tablespoons (113g) unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup (92g) vegetable shortening
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt (use 1/2 teaspoon salt if you use salted butter)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • 1 teaspoon cider vinegar or white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 cups (240g) Unbleached All-Purpose Flour (Pastry flour works well too, but you may have a flatter cookie)
  • 2 cups (340g) semisweet chocolate chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C.) Lightly grease (or line with parchment) two baking sheets.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the sugars, butter, shortening, salt, vanilla extract, almond extract, vinegar, and baking soda. Beat the mix until it's smooth and creamy.
  3. Beat in the egg, again beating until smooth. Scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl with a spatula to make sure everything is thoroughly combined.
  4. Mix in the flour, then the choco chips. (Note: Slowly mix in the flour. Don't just dump it all at once or you'll make a mess.)
  5. Use a spoon (or a tablespoon cookie scoop) to scoop 1 1/4" (3cm) balls of dough onto the prepared baking sheets, leaving 2" (5cm) between them on all sides; they'll spread.
  6. For enticing salty-sweet flavor, sprinkle a touch of sea salt atop the cookies before putting them in the oven, if desired.
  7. Bake the cookies for 11 to 12 minutes, until their edges are chestnut brown and their tops are light golden brown, almost blonde.
  8. Remove the cookies from the oven, and cool on the pan until they've set enough to move without breaking. Repeat with the remaining dough.
  9. Store cookies, well wrapped, at room temperature for up to 5 days; freeze for longer storage.

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Welcome Lainchan! Tue, 30 Aug 2022 11:15:00 CST

Hey there lainanon's, welcome to my cozy corner on this side of the web. An anon from my IRC introduced me to the image board and webring, and it seems like a pretty cozy place. I’m looking forward to chilling around here, so I’ll see you around!

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My IRC setup shenanigans Mon, 29 Aug 2022 11:50:00 CST

So I’ve spent about a week banging my head and pacing around the room to get this setup. At last, I have an IRC server, IRC services (services just handles nick and channel registrations in case you don’t know), a web client for easy connecting, and a bouncer for log retention. What an absolute chore!

Originally I was trying to setup a Matrix server, but after testing around with one, I didn’t really like it. There’s surprisingly a lot that goes into setting one up, especially if you want to handle registrations. I didn’t really like the registration requirements and really didn’t want to setup a sendmail server for handling my own registrations either, so I dropped it and went for IRC instead.

I would really prefer to avoid any kind of registration requirements, and just make it optional. It’s very annoying how you have to give out your phone number, email address, SSN, birth record, and tax history just to sign up for some bullshit site these days just to have a chat.

I was thinking of setting up a channel on Freenode, but Freenode is dead so then I looked at Libera IRC and those assholes require registration and block anon connections! There are a few other networks out there too, like QuakeNet, but they don’t seem to have a ChanServ and use “Q” for a NickServ. I bet it’s common to steal OP in a channel during a netsplit over there. I think Geekshed requires registration too, and Rizon IRC looked alright but by then I decided to just host one myself.

At first I was thinking that simply running the IRC server would be good nuff, but didn’t realize all of the additional nuff that goes into it.

My first IRC daemon of choice was InspIRCd since there were so many recommendations and guides written about it, but I got filtered by the install process… So I did some searching and found an easier one that's already in the Debian package archive, ngIRCd. For services I setup Atheme, which wasn’t as simple to setup like some of the guides out there make it out to be. Also most of the guides are out of date or have typos in them that kept throwing me off. Some of them had relevant information and some of them didn’t, so I had to piece them together. Just another day in Linux land!

After getting those two setup and working with each other, I started thinking just how tf are people going to connect!? I’m pretty familiar with IRC from old gaming clan days and know how to setup a client, but most people these days probably won’t know how and would get filtered before they could even think of connecting. So I looked around for a frontend web client and found KiwiIRC. It was surprisingly easy to setup and works great.

Then at last when I thought it was over, again I realized that I needed a way to log chats when offline. I’d forgotten about that little bit of IRC history. So I setup a ZNC bouncer and while it was easy to install and configure, it was a complete bitch to setup the connection for my IRC account to auto auth with NickServ. There’s something fuky going on with that auto auth module because I had to set it up from within the client instead of from the webmin page. I really don’t remember it being this complicated, but I finally got it all working.

I’m really exhausted now from going thru all of that and don’t feel like touching a computer for a month now.

Anyhow, come on down to CozyNet IRC if you want to have yourself a time!

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The IRC server is here! Sun, 28 Aug 2022 20:54:00 CST

Right now this is just an experiment. If everything goes great, then I’ll keep it around and we could organize gaming nights and fun activities in the future. I might even setup a Ventrilo server too! If it turns into a trash fire, then I’m turning it all off and the internet will truly remain as a graveyard.

This is supposed to be a chill hangout to idle in and shoot the breeze about vidya, life, /tv/ /out/ /g/ shit, and memes.

Web client:

You can use my kiwiIRC web client linked above to connect to the IRC network, or setup your own client with the following connection stuff if you know how.

Remember, this is IRC. You will need an IRC bouncer if you want to preserve chat logs while you're away or offline. The KiwiIRC web client does not provide such functionality. If I trust you, I can create an account for you on my ZNC bouncer in the future. In the meantime, you'll either have to do without or figure something out for yourself.

Connection stuff:

  • Server Name:
  • Port: 6697 or 9999
  • Encryption: REQUIRED! No clear text here, sorry bros.
  • Channel: #cozynet


  • No fedposting
  • No grooming
  • No erotic RP or such behavior
  • No gore posting
  • No an hero posting (plz get help)
  • No porn or coomer shit
  • No linking to warez or anything illegal
  • No spamming or annoying bots
  • No internet raid parties
  • No doxing or linking to doxxes
  • Must be 18+
  • No testing da rulz! If you test the limits then I ban!

#cozynet channel rules:

  • Be frenly, be chill!
  • Keep crypto talk to a minimum
  • Keep anime talk to a minimum
  • Keep politics on the down low. It's really getting annoying hearing everyones hot take.
  • If you're going to argue, take it to private and keep it off the channels.
  • Please don't bitch and complain about it being IRC. It's IRC, so deal with it or leave.

Some additional things to keep in mind...

You can open a channel if you would like to start a space for a specific topic, but beware that I do monitor the logs. Da rulz above apply network wide. Please be respectful of other members.

This is my IRC server and I don't want it polluted with bullshit. I like memes and funny things, but if you behave like a try hard and keep spamming the network with poltard and leftypol shit, then I’m going to range ban you; keep that for the image boards, bros.

Report contact

If you notice any misbehavior either within or coming from my IRC server, please report it to cozybroz [at] protonmail [dot] com. You can also contact me in IRC at CozyBroz.

I've got a bite! (ISP job application) Sat, 27 Aug 2022 19:40:00 CST

So I applied for an ISP job as a dispatch technician a week ago and had a phone interview with a cutie just last Friday!

I put on my charm and the interview went well. I have a second interview lined up for next Monday with the hiring manager. We talked about a few things like work history and I got to learn a little more about the position beyond the application; also, no vaccination requirements!

The role would involve installing fiber lines, climbing telephone poles, and troubleshooting customer equipment. It sounds easy!

It is also confirmed that I would get a bitchen van to drive in and they would pay for the gas too. They would also provide me with tools so I don't have to worry about getting my own. There is also apparently a two week training course involved which is fine by me.

I don't want to fool myself into thinking it's a easy job so I've been asking around the web from people that have some experience in the field for what to expect. Plebbit didn’t come thru, as usual (that site's a damn grave yard.) So I made this goofy tech Apu (see above) for a /twg/ thread to get some bites. One Anon says to just do it, a more reasonable Anon gave a list of pros and cons, and then a third Anon said that ISP work is horrific.

I don't know bros but I think I'm going to go for it. The only thing that would put me off is if they don’t pay worth shit. My current job pays well and I expect ISP work ain't gonna pay me near as well, but so long it isn't a significant cut then I’m okay with it.

I currently work as a systems analyst and hate it. It was a bretty gud gig for a few years there; that is until the consoomer tech larpers came in and fugged it all up with their shitty SaaS, cloud solutions, and project management workflow cuckolding models. The board of boomers ate that shit up so hard that they're in denial that they've wasted a few mill on a corporate fashion show. I swear, if I hear words like Agile, kanbang, waterfall, scrum, or any of that development bullshit while climbing up a phone pole, I'll jump! I just want to fix and service things and get paid while doing it.

Thanks for reading my blog!

The (dark) life of an influencer (Low Budget Stories)(External video) Wed, 24 Aug 2022 10:00:00 CST If your RSS reader can't load iframes, then click here to open the video into an external browser.

Anyone else out there “quiet quitting?” Tue, 23 Aug 2022 18:30:00 CST

So I saw this video of a teleprompter seething about wagies that are “quiet quitting” their jobs by doing only the bare minimum. It’s not bad salt, but the general lack of awareness these boot licking flunkies project should be telling as to how far from reality they're separated. The name of their channel alone says enough, “The World is One News,” Kek, give me a break! From my perspective, a lot of the management and administrative class that shares this sort of non-sentiment are borderline psychopaths, but this is probably nothing new. Last few centuries the working class were perceived on the level of farm implements, then meat shields for fake wars, and in today's late-stage industrial society we’re now livestock!

Anyhow the comments to the video are interesting:

While I did have a pretty comfy time at work during the pandemic, I will say I had to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety from pressure being applied by the State on what turned out to be a largely fabricated pharmaceutical PR stunt with even deadlier consequences. This applied stress comes in on top of the past 20 or so years of repeated false narratives and corporate astroturfing to change societal attitudes, expectations, beliefs, behaviors, down to the very fabric of culture all toward justifying a bad-faith global union of kleptocrats. I can’t fault anyone for being so cynical these days, hell I’m cynical. I can only imagine what’s going on in the heads of old people. Hmm, let’s see.

Whether normies are aware of it or not, they’re past their boiling point and are just cooking while the cook is shitting in the pot. Just look at their behavior and how far they’ve subcomed to low IQ dogma. Some of them act out out in the most extreme ways, but that should all be expected since it's like the death throws of a frantic beast ensnared in a hunters trap. You can see it in the general health of people too. Just look at the epidemic of morbid obesity! Those aren’t people with low impulse control, those are people that have given up; they don’t care anymore and live only for that hit of dopamine, because they have nothing else to live for. The same goes for drug, gaming, gambling, and phone addicts; alcoholics, porn and sex alike. There’s nothing in their world to aspire for because such virtues were either removed or never existed. We are living in the generational outcome of fatherless homes and broken families, where nothing of value or character was ever passed along and cheap cardboard cut out imitations are stood up instead.

A “work life” career and “work family” is a substitution for what was lost while lacking the humanity of what it poorly attempts to imitate; that is dedication to faith and family which could be summarized as love. What stands in the place of love is a mockery of what it once meant to be as a living dignified human being with a purpose in his life, where his soul is now siphoned off into idle pursuits, his faith replaced for credit, and forced to live with strangers. What a loser! What a life!

If you ever wonder why things in the past looked so beautiful while things of today are so ugly and lacking of soul, it is because we lack love. Historical literature is indecipherable to most anyone because it requires a certain perspective and frame of mind that is lost. Take poetry for example.

In another time and place people would have gathered up and revolted over the most minor of transgressions, negotiated treaties, or even resort to war if necessary. The world we find ourselves in today, such reactions are repressed by a submissive self serving faux moralism that denies its reality. This is why so many give up and waste away. They've stopped caring because they have nothing to care for when everything has lost meaning.

Now I don’t want to leave off on a blackpill here, because life is short and it is what we make of it after all. For many people, the juice is clearly not worth the squeeze to be part of that rat race, but you don’t have to check out of life altogether because that was never living to begin with. You've broke free of the Matrix, so congratulations!

It's kind of a grim world once you see it for what it is, but that's because the other gamers are shit at the game and suck at life. You don't have to be. There’s more to life than adhering yourself to the expectations of a false society. While their fate is a slow and miserable death, you don’t have to follow it. You still have a will, so use it to make something out of life and live! Set an example for others to follow in a time where normies need it the most. You need to be productive where it really counts, not for some fake job or fake life style. Slow down and smell the flowers mang!

Thanks for reading my blog!

A high level pattern recognition schizo Anon finds possible global link between illegal trafficking or money launder ops and… fish aquariums! Tue, 22 Aug 2022 23:00:00 CST

When one thinks of a small quiet rural town in the heart of Texas, it’s common to envision eroding multi-colored 70’s trailer parks, cars suspended on cinder blocks in the front yards overgrown with Johnson grass, and a pregnant beer plastered woman hollerin out to her kids in a folk Marlboro smokers voice “gone now, git outta that road a’for y’all git y’all-selves ran over!”

But is such an idyllic scene really the truth, or is there a darker unforeseen reality that hides beneath the vaneer of such southern hospitality?

Well bros, I can’t say for sure because this is looking a lot more like some sort of indexing bot that went sideways but it’s up to you however you want to take it. I’ll be quoting an Anon below which summarizes the event:

Anon somehow found fake businesses listed on google maps. Initially only aquariums around Houston TX were found but there is quite a lot more. What is remarkable is that all of these locations match a pattern of 2 letters + activity. Examples: AT Aquarium, BC Bullring, CC Auditor, etc. AND have a range for an address, instead of just one number. Another thing worth noting is that these aquariums, bullrings and auditors have only been found in CT, OH, TX and WA. 90% in TX + OH.

None of them exist. It's always random suburban houses without any actual businesses around. None of these are registered so it's unlikely to be something related to taxes or covid checks, as you would need to at least register the business for this.

In one location there is a bullring near an aquarium, and after some digging several bullrings were found. Somehow someone noticed auditors as well, I'm not sure how or from where, but I found plenty now.

I went full autist and have the largest list that I have seen in any of these threads (which are full of garbage and false leads), this is the current one: (- censored, sorry bros it has addresses -) Only the first OP list with like 15 locations or so was reposted so most don't realize how many locations there are and are focusing on dumb clues in google street.

It's hard to find anything in google street because it's just random houses. Some claim there is always a star on a nearby house and that it's part of the code to figure where the goods are but I think this is misleading, as they are making conclusions from like 10% of the current list. Some schizos went on about some shit they saw on signs or whatever but none of it makes sense. Most people don't take into account the addresses being ranges and only focus on the house directly in front of the pin, which seems to always land in the middle of whatever range of addresses is given. So for 100-200, pin is at 150, and anons only look at that one house when it could be any other house on the block.

I found most of what I have by doing a google search of the names + address instead of searching via google maps. This pulls up random database websites that all seem to have the same data and make me think of some sort of SEO bullshit. Best ones to use seem to be and, but there are more with the same databases like,,,,, and more.

The websites are clearly clones of eachother and all have very similar "about" pages and so on as one would expect. What I don't know is if they are pulling data from google maps or if google somehow pulled their data into maps. Possibly from in an attempt to list covid vaccinations centers quickly? This one does have an impressive list of covid related centers.

In my opinion it's more likely that we are looking at some sort of SEO scam or general scraping bots fuckery than anything else but the very specific pattern in the names and addresses is hard to ignore. A few locations have a space between the two letters, like H R aquarium or P E aquarium, etc. All in TX. Probably doesn't mean anything but even if it was just some test data added by a script, I feel like these little inconsistencies wouldn't be there so it kinda looks like manual entries done by multiple people to me but I'm just guessing. Really can't figure the purpose.

Very, very few locations have reviews on google maps. 95% anons trolling and to be ignored. At least one location does have an old review, like 7 months old or whatever which doesn't make any sense. Possible random fake bot review but again we don't know.

Anons think it's human trafficking because "aquarium" -> prostitutes on display and "bullring" hints at something like gangbangs or whatever, but auditor doesn't add up.

It wasn't too long and Anons took to the streets and drove out to the mysterious Aquariums to stake out an investigation. Amid the frinzy, along comes Laseranon swooping in with his lasers and drones!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:41:52: Laseranon here, starting assault.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:43:41: Lots of stairs lololol

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:44:18: This is not an aquarium.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:45:53: There is noone here.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:46:37: I'm not seeing a star.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:47:35: I hear something, but I think it's just an animal.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:49:12: Yeah, it's a wierd place. The only paved road out here to a building that's not an aquarium but is labeled as one, no star and alot of no tresspassong signs. I had to hop a gate to get here. I'm out guys.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:50:18: Lol this fallen tree stopped my heart. Goodluck guys I'm going home.

This transcript is recorded from 4plebs archive. You can read the full thread here.

At one of the adresses another Anon find an SOS message from Google streetview that appears to be finger painted onto a door with paint or blood!

Another range of addresses had homes with security service signs staked in the yards. Some Anons looked up the service and found an attributed Adolf Hitler quote frome some joke generator on their site! I can't tell if someone's trolling or if this is actually real. I flipped thru it a few times and couldn't get it to reproduce the quote.

I also wanted to document some of the memes and artwork that's come out of this so far. I'll have to update this blog post since it's still an on-going event. For those of you reading this from your feed reader, you'll have to just revist the blog post on occasion or something cause I don't want to spam your feeds with updates. (Click images to see the full size.)

And that's all I've got for now.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Uhh, Linux b-b-bros? Sun, 21 Aug 2022 23:50:00 CST

I caught this on a /g/ thread today which then links to a Hacker News thread. This appears to be a year late though, but I didn't know Linus went dark mode on us.

Like another anon said:

he attended some cringe wine parties... it's unavoidable when you reach a certain amount of fame. And he will be groomed by the political and economic classes, in time.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Landlord chads, wtf do I do to get a house!? Fri, 19 Aug 2022 13:10:00 CST

I've saved up a lot of cash in my bank and have been very responsible with it, even going so far as to live frugally! Hell, I've even moved back to my parents to save on the cost of being a rentoid. It's been nearly 5 year worth of savings to buy a house, and they're still too damn high! I probably should have invested some of it, but I don’t know how.

Let's take a look at what's on the market in the state of Texas…

Oh gee, what a cute little tent and a scenic acreage of bramble and brush, said no one ever! What a joke! This was located nearby some piss puddle lake. I’m not completely opposed to the idea of living in a tent ever since I’ve lowered my standards (see “Glamping”), but $74K for barely even an acre is an insult! For that price, it better come with the tent included. Since this is just little over an acre of unimproved land that’s near a lake (not beside a lake), and quite possibly in a flood zone, this wouldn't be worth more than $5,000.

Alright, moving on. Let's check out another place. How about we get a little fancy and checkout a home on wheels!

Why do people live like this? What a dump! Shitty yard, no bushes, half of the trim is painted with the same primary color, the drive way I presume just leads right up to the porch because they were lazy drunk bastards that couldn't bother to make a walk path out to the car. And that price, look at THAT PRICE! This is a trailer home on a tiny plot, not a gold mine!

Also the owners must have been Star Trek fans. Look at that red striping on the walls. It doesn’t look that half bad inside though, but this is really only worth around $45,000 (if even that.) Something else worth noting is the year it was built (1999.) Mobile homes aren’t made to last, and this one has pretty much 10 years left on it before end of life (trust me I know, I've lived in one!) The people selling this place are crooks! Don't buy it!

Here's another mobile home for a ridiculous price. This one is on 1 acre of land this time, but look at dat roof! It needs a new roof. The yard looks a little better here (coming from someone that's use to the dead summer lawns of Texas.) I would also be cautious of those window AC units. Most people fail to ever install a drip pan for them because they either don’t come included with the unit or they're just lazy. Years of condensation will soak into the wall and rot it out. Depending on its condition and if the roof and walls aren't dry rotted, this would be about a $50-60,000 property. If it's rotted, then I'd say $20K

I’ve tried adjusting my search filters to include only houses built anywhere before the year 1930 to see if I could find a fixer-upper, but they typically float around the $150K to $200K price range with no land. It’s just not worth it bros, and I don’t know what to do.

I want to avoid loans and mortgages so that I can save up money from one job and NEET for a year on those savings before having to find another one. It's also partly why I bought my small truck in cash and why I stay away from debt. This would make wagie work a little better knowing that I wont have to make a mortgage payment and just need to cover basic expenses like utilities, insurance, transport and food. It’s just that the barrier to entry has become so high, that it’s effectively making it impossible to achieve.

I want to have at least three acres for a tiny farm so I can grow some of my own food and raise a few animals for meat and milk to help reduce food expenses. I'm thinking that I'll have to build something myself, like a small 20x14 shack that I can add onto later. I've looked at pre-fab sheds and people are overcharging for them well past their BOM and labor since others with the same idea are buying them out. Buying the land and then getting utilities and septic installed are going to be expensive, but it won't be anything compared to the bullshit above.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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