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ITT: stuff nobody asked for

I’m working on a general update post, but I’ve been sick for the past few days and not feeling in the mood; so I’m making a fun post today instead. In This Thread, “Stuff nobody asked for” is the topic, which is basically something inconvenient that you have to live with that was completely unnecessary when everything was perfectly fine before. You could also include some of your own in the comment section too if you’d like.

I was inspired from a related thread to make this, in case you’re wondering where I got the idea from.

Microwave reminder beeps

Some microwaves include a reminder beep after it’s finished heating your food. It’ll keep beeping every 30 or so seconds to remind you, and it’s really irritating!

“Spill proof” gas can nozzles

Fines, fees, and civil punishment as preventative deterrents to effect societal change will only promote an attitude of resistance, not a clean environment. In other words, not my problem…

I would like to find the morons that passed this “regulation” and shove these nozzles down their throats! They cause even more spillage than what they were supposed to prevent. The nozzle clip mechanism is difficult or impossible to work, especially on larger heavy cans, which require you to hold and tilt the can one handed while finagling with the clip to get it to pour out the gas. What ends up happening is it rushes out all at once and makes a mess all over things because you can no longer gently tilt the can to get the right flow.

I just cut the clips off and glue down or use bailing wire to keep it always engaged. You can even buy nozzle replacements and simply throw out the old nozzle too!

Power strip safety clips

I can’t seem to find regular power strips anymore without some junk crammed down inside of them that prevents me from plugging anything into it. It’s supposed to be a safety feature so that tards aren’t able to stick stuff down into the plugs, but now its seems everyone must suffer the nanny state regulators yet again. I’d like to also shove these power strips in places they don’t belong in the people that deserve it.

I’ve bent a few plugs now on these things because the mechanism will frequently fail to engage, making you have to finagle around and shake it. I just open it up and pull that junk out and throw em away now!

Discontinuing of 3G cellular networks

I guess this is picrel?

I’m not 100% sure on this one from a technical POV, but I bring it up for a reason. All 4G compatible and above devices require more processing power for both a bloated OS that supports it and a power wasting signal encryption / decryption process. My 3G phone could live on its battery for nearly 1 month! Now with being forced to 4G, my newer compatible phone barely lasts 3 days! I rarely ever use my phone, making only the occasional call or text, and now I’m having to charge this thing every couple of days, and it’s really irritating!

Flips and brick style “dumb” phones were once really good on battery life, but now they’re right a long side the “smart” garbage. Not cool.

GFCI wall outlets

They say if you bite the cord you'll summon the Gurl Fren Cat Installer.

These things are like ticking time bombs. If I lived in a home that had these (thankfully I don’t), I’d throw em out and replace them with normal outlets. I’m pretty sure these things are designed to break after a few years because when I lived in an apartment that had them, they would frequently die. I don’t mean they tripped, but just right out die; maintenance would have to replace them, and they’re not cheap either. I was only running a coffee pot on one, a lamp on the other, and literally nothing on another until I needed it one day to charge my laptop.

Maybe this isn’t the case for everyone and maybe my apartment had sucky electrical, but this is hardware that shouldn’t break. It should last at least a hundred years!

Multi mode flashlights

These things are gradually becoming an epidemic. It’s infuriating to see how something that should be as simple as switching on a flashlight is now made ever so irritating by an annoying mode switching behavior. I just want a functioning flashlight, but instead I get epileptic strobing and different brightness levels. The packaging doesn’t always indicate this “feature” of the light either.

Broken or just stupid SSO MFA session handling

Clown Computing is the future

This is more in the realm of work because I don’t use a directory service or identity management system for managing the authentication of my personal stuff.

Something that I’ve noticed, and this could be simply my job but I suspect it isn’t, is how SSO MFA session handling is just plain out retarded anymore. It’s as if something about it changed of late, because at one time I could navigate to various sites and services that were all accessible and managed within the same access directory realm (Azure AD here). But now, I have to authenticate with nearly each and every single one of them individually; those being MS Outlook, MS Teams, Jira (despite being connected to the corporate tenant), and this stupid AzureDevOps board. Some times it requires a password, other time it’s just the MFA prompt. You can click the option to not harass you for one day, but it doesn’t work.

I think it’s getting silly when the “sign in to all your apps” feature (because they don’t have a name for it) of Windows is essentially broken because it’ll still badger me to individually sign in to friggin Office and other MS spyware junk. None of this is connivent, and part of why I never use any of this outside of work.

Because of the constant mandatory authentication requests, normies have been broken and conditioned to the point of typing their username and passwords into anything that pops up pretending to be a Microsoft account login. The amount of successful phishing attempts is astounding! It hasn’t ever been so easy as right now to make fake web pages and login prompts to farm user credentials, and it’s all Microsoft’s fault! NGL, cyber crime lookin real profitable and way too easy fr fr.

Clown computing is comprised of clowns clowning around in carnival corporate tents and they do it on purpose. Honk honk!

Crappy image search engines

This one is a little specific for me, but I member when I could look up pictures on the net and could find regular pictures taken by regular people on almost anything. Now every result is some sort of professional stock photo, and more recently AI stock images that all looks fake as hell and isn’t ever what I was looking for. I mean, the stock photos can look nice and high quality, but I want REAL pictures from REAL people with all the unprofessional photographic no-no’s included! It isn’t really that possible to do anymore, unless you trawl social media accounts; but those places are a whole other level of cancer where instead of simply a nice normal photo, they have to get their dumb monkey face up in the camera to ruin the shot.

Here’s a tip if you’re looking for rough quality OC; check out Craigslist and eBay as an alternative image search. It’s limited, but it can work.


And that’s pretty much all that comes to mind. I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more that I’m forgetting. Here’s a site that I was linked in IRC that I think can contribute to my list here too. It covers stuff like GTK3, ip vs ifconfig, and poorly named network adapters by systemd/udev. Check it out!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2024-01-09

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  • Thank the Lord Calgary still has 3G networks.
    Mar 26, 2024 Permalink Reply
    • I don't like how every monetary transaction now comes with a suggestion that I add a tip. A tip for what, handing me a bagel? That one that was right behind you in the bin? Your minimum wage job isn't already paying you too much for such service?
      Mar 25, 2024 Permalink Reply
      • I love that this blog is so real
        Jan 15, 2024 Permalink Reply
        • I hate how Search Engine Optimization exploits have made Google (or any search engine really) absolutely useless, at least for answers. All you get are clearly computer generated articles on fake websites that provide no useful information whatsoever(1/2)
          Jan 11, 2024 Permalink Reply
          • . The only way to find real answers are from Reddit or Stack Exchange, but the search feature on both those sites have always sucked. (2/2)
            Jan 11, 2024 Permalink Reply
            • This is why I started looking for websites like this one, in search of an alternative to search engines. Unfortunately, there isn't many indexes/indices of webrings and independent blogs, so I still have to use search engines a lot.
              Jan 25, 2024 Permalink Reply
            • The enshitification of the internet
              Jan 24, 2024 Permalink Reply
            • You may have just been unlucky with GFCI outlets. I grew up in an early 2000's house and the GFCIs worked fine, never replaced or anything. Even my old apartment now has beat up but functional GFCI outlets.
              Jan 11, 2024 Permalink Reply
              • smart tvs drive me insane. before tvs were smart, did ANYONE think "man i wish this tv was slow, annoying to use, and had MORE ADS" people were already familiar with plugging in a dvd player so what makes a chromecast too difficult?
                Jan 11, 2024 Permalink Reply
                • one minor inconvenience that comes to my mind is how shitty vga and dvdi cables work, i seriously thought that my screen was nuked, but i just forgot to screw in those shit screws on the side all the way :( (this has happened to me a lot of times) 
                  Jan 9, 2024 Permalink Reply
                  • bruh, stop buying your cables at the dollar store.
                    Jan 10, 2024 Permalink Reply
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