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More house searching woes and adventures

So I found a place last Saturday on Zillow that looked like a good deal. It’s an old farm house in the middle of nowhere and looks kinda spooky and sort of haunted, but ghosts or no ghosts, I don’t care! They're just going have to deal with my bullshit.

The listing was a little odd though because it says that it’s on 0.5 acres (0.2 Hectares), but when I measured it on Google Earth, it came out to be 2 acres (0.8 Hectares)! I also verified this with the county property CAD search. What a mystery!

I tried calling the Realtor, but they never answered; probably because it’s the weekend. So I drove out to see the place for myself because there weren’t that many pictures on Zillow of the surrounding area.

When I got there, I accidentally tripped over the gate looking at it from the road and fell inside. Oops! I get kind of clumsy sometimes bros. Anyhow, my dumbass couldn’t climb back out and was stuck, so I looked around to find another way. As I was looking for an exit, I got a better look at the place.

You can click on the images to see a larger size

While I walked around inspecting the fence line for a gap to slip out of, I took a picture. I noticed that just about every window on the place was wrecked. Some were completely missing a pane. That can’t be good for when it rains…

More broken windows! I’m wondering if someone isn’t vandalizing the place? A pity, because these windows look OG. It’s hard to explain, but old window panes have this wavy effect when you look thru them. It's kind of neat.

This was the back side. That wall could do with some cleaning.

This side of the house looked a lot better.

Uh oh, cameras! Yeah, if you didn't notice the jacked up power meter from the earlier picture, there’s no power running to this place. Also the lenses had water build up and rust on them.

By this point I was wondering what to do to get out of here. I figured there might be some spare keys hidden on top of the door frame of the porch that I could use to unlock the gate, but no dice. By the way, the porch was in bad shape. Wasps everywhere too!

I took a peek beneath the porch to see if some keys were hidden down there. Notice the knocked over pier and sagging beam? There were a few others knocked over or sunk into the ground. It would be a few days worth of work to get under here with some bottle jacks to re-wedge it, and a few more to get a moisture barrier down here. In all, not too bad of shape. These old style foundations are easy to fix so long the wood isn’t rotted.

Out of desperation, I decided to see if there weren’t some gate keys inside the house. I made sure not to make a mess, although there was already one here. It looks like someone may have been sleeping here? I don’t know. There was also a camera in this room too. Oh, and check out dat beautiful folk-Victorian interior trim!

Here’s the kitchen. It looks like shit. The cabinets just don’t match with the rest of the house and even cut into the framing around the door. I hope it doesn’t remove the framing and just went around it. What a crime if so! The beadboard is very nice though, I even like the color they were going for here.

Yeah, those cabinets would have to go… Oh and check out that bad ass can opener attached to the side of a cabinet over the sink! Those can openers are fantastic and never break like the cheap shitty ones we get today.

Here’s the dining room. It’s by far the nicest room in the house. From the wood tile hardwood floor, the wainscoting, the beadboard wall, to the interior crown molding is all in great condition (minus the rotted out windows)! Nearly every room has it too. New houses just have no soul like this. I feel like I'm already home…

This is one of the living rooms. There’s a second one which I didn’t take a picture of. Technically, one of them would be considered a guest room or visiting room. It's a bygone concept from a time when we once lived in a civilization where people socialized. There’s also a fireplace in here, but the chimney is missing. There’s a second fireplace in the other living room. One has it’s original wood stained mantle while the other one was robbed of it.

Someone knocked a hole in this window. Something to note; there is no air conditioning in this house, but it feels alright. It’s still summer time in Texas, but it wasn't a very hot day (by Texan standards.) I can tell this house would feel great with the windows open. Also notice how well lit it is just from natural light!

As I made my way into the main entry of the home, I heard a noise come from up stairs as if a marble had fell on the ground and rolled away. I began to wonder if there wasn’t someone already here? So I proceeded to venture up the stairs into the second floor. Perhaps they would know a way out of this ensnaring trap I found myself in!

The stair carpet is in surprising good condition. I wonder if it's original? It may be hard to see, but there was animal poop all over it. I’m thinking it was a Raccoon that did it.

Up stairs, you could see that the previous owners had done something with those walls. I’m not sure, but I suspect they expanded the walls out to install the electrical outlets? It’s also missing its crown molding. Tsk tsk tsk.

As soon as I made it to the second floor, I heard a faint whisper come from out of the blue room that sounded like a voice saying “Cozy, come here.” I knew I shouldn't be up here, but I had to find those keys! So I walked into the blue room to see if anyone was there. One of the window panes appears to have fallen out onto the floor, so it was probably just a gust of wind. This is going to let in all sorts of rain water though. I had to really resist the urge to fix it

Curious by the voice I thought I heard, I hesitantly decided to open the closet door of the blue room to see if someone was hiding from me and just playing tricks! But there was nobody here. When I walked inside, the door closed shut behind me, which was a little startling. The closet space had a really quiet vibe to it. It felt like it was in a separate space away from the world I just came from. If you look closely, you can see light coming thru the wall boards.

Here’s the other side of the closet. And yeah, those are nails just jutting out. This place needs to be insulated.

Another closet, this time in the pink room. Notice the light coming thru the wall boards, again.

I walked over to the other side of the house and found a bathroom. It was in pretty sorry shape, but nothing a little work couldn’t fix. I like that the toilet is situated right beside to the window, just so when you're stinking it up, you can easily reach over to let in some fresh air. There was also a claw foot bathtub! Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it.

I was curious to see what was behind the door inside the bathroom. It was just another closet space. This time you could see where the previous owners had insulated the roof. I guess they just gave up half way thru the project when it came to the other half of the house.

Here’s a view outside of the brown room. I call it that because of the 70’s style wall wood paneling. I’m not really fan of wood paneling like this, but it’s not bad. The view is really nice though. There was one more bed room in the house, but I didn’t have a picture of it. There was also another bathroom on the first floor, which I somehow missed. I didn’t even see it when I was there, but it’s apparently there!

I decided to go back outside since I couldn’t find any spare keys to the gate. After a little more looking around, I found a spot in the back where the fence was low enough that I could power jump over it back to freedom!

Overall, the house appears to be restorable. I’m glad to see that the roof has held up because I couldn’t find any evidence of water damage in the house, except for around the windows.

The house was listed at $95,000, and in the description it says that it needs a little work and remodeling. Well, let’s just say it needs A LOT of work and remodeling. From what I saw, It’s definitely not worth the asking price and would have to be negotiated down to at least around $60,000. That is, until I learned about the subdivision...

That evening I sent an email inquiring the realtor about the discrepancy in property size and they came back with an image of where it was going to be subdivided, cutting off the detached garage, a small barn, and the rest of the property that I didn’t take pictures of. I was really upset to find this out. It hasn’t even yet been subdivided according to the county. I can see that it’s been listed, re-listed, and pending sell multiple times for over a year now. All of this tells me that something’s fucky!

So now considering the subdivision, that kills the whole opportunity for me. That house isn’t even worth $50,000 alone, given its present condition. I wouldn’t consider giving them anymore than $45,000 for the place since it needs some re-leveling, new windows, new sewage, new plumbing, new electrical, new fuggin everything! $95,000 for an old dilapidating house on a sand box with no land in the middle of nowhere is delusional! I sent them an email that the owner needs to consider including the rest of the lot before I even begin negotiating an offer and to keep me on the books if they ever reconsider.

It’s too bad, because I want to move into the country with some land damn it! This place was so close, but just missed the mark! Oh well, I guess better luck next time.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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    • I'm glad to hear that you made it out of there safely, Cozy! 
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      • Thanks!
        I hope to find another house like this. I'll keep documenting my adventures until I find one or die trying.
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