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Anyone else out there “quiet quitting?”

So I saw this video of a teleprompter seething about wagies that are “quiet quitting” their jobs by doing only the bare minimum. It’s not bad salt, but the general lack of awareness these boot licking flunkies project should be telling as to how far from reality they're separated. The name of their channel alone says enough, “The World is One News,” Kek, give me a break! From my perspective, a lot of the management and administrative class that shares this sort of non-sentiment are borderline psychopaths, but this is probably nothing new. Last few centuries the working class were perceived on the level of farm implements, then meat shields for fake wars, and in today's late-stage industrial society we’re now livestock!

Anyhow the comments to the video are interesting:

While I did have a pretty comfy time at work during the pandemic, I will say I had to deal with a lot of stress and anxiety from pressure being applied by the State on what turned out to be a largely fabricated pharmaceutical PR stunt with even deadlier consequences. This applied stress comes in on top of the past 20 or so years of repeated false narratives and corporate astroturfing to change societal attitudes, expectations, beliefs, behaviors, down to the very fabric of culture all toward justifying a bad-faith global union of kleptocrats. I can’t fault anyone for being so cynical these days, hell I’m cynical. I can only imagine what’s going on in the heads of old people. Hmm, let’s see.

Whether normies are aware of it or not, they’re past their boiling point and are just cooking while the cook is shitting in the pot. Just look at their behavior and how far they’ve subcomed to low IQ dogma. Some of them act out out in the most extreme ways, but that should all be expected since it's like the death throws of a frantic beast ensnared in a hunters trap. You can see it in the general health of people too. Just look at the epidemic of morbid obesity! Those aren’t people with low impulse control, those are people that have given up; they don’t care anymore and live only for that hit of dopamine, because they have nothing else to live for. The same goes for drug, gaming, gambling, and phone addicts; alcoholics, porn and sex alike. There’s nothing in their world to aspire for because such virtues were either removed or never existed. We are living in the generational outcome of fatherless homes and broken families, where nothing of value or character was ever passed along and cheap cardboard cut out imitations are stood up instead.

A “work life” career and “work family” is a substitution for what was lost while lacking the humanity of what it poorly attempts to imitate; that is dedication to faith and family which could be summarized as love. What stands in the place of love is a mockery of what it once meant to be as a living dignified human being with a purpose in his life, where his soul is now siphoned off into idle pursuits, his faith replaced for credit, and forced to live with strangers. What a loser! What a life!

If you ever wonder why things in the past looked so beautiful while things of today are so ugly and lacking of soul, it is because we lack love. Historical literature is indecipherable to most anyone because it requires a certain perspective and frame of mind that is lost. Take poetry for example.

In another time and place people would have gathered up and revolted over the most minor of transgressions, negotiated treaties, or even resort to war if necessary. The world we find ourselves in today, such reactions are repressed by a submissive self serving faux moralism that denies its reality. This is why so many give up and waste away. They've stopped caring because they have nothing to care for when everything has lost meaning.

Now I don’t want to leave off on a blackpill here, because life is short and it is what we make of it after all. For many people, the juice is clearly not worth the squeeze to be part of that rat race, but you don’t have to check out of life altogether because that was never living to begin with. You've broke free of the Matrix, so congratulations!

It's kind of a grim world once you see it for what it is, but that's because the other gamers are shit at the game and suck at life. You don't have to be. There’s more to life than adhering yourself to the expectations of a false society. While their fate is a slow and miserable death, you don’t have to follow it. You still have a will, so use it to make something out of life and live! Set an example for others to follow in a time where normies need it the most. You need to be productive where it really counts, not for some fake job or fake life style. Slow down and smell the flowers mang!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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