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A high level pattern recognition schizo Anon finds possible global link between illegal trafficking or money launder ops and… fish aquariums!

When one thinks of a small quiet rural town in the heart of Texas, it’s common to envision eroding multi-colored 70’s trailer parks, cars suspended on cinder blocks in the front yards overgrown with Johnson grass, and a pregnant beer plastered woman hollerin out to her kids in a folk Marlboro smokers voice “gone now, git outta that road a’for y’all git y’all-selves ran over!”

But is such an idyllic scene really the truth, or is there a darker unforeseen reality that hides beneath the vaneer of such southern hospitality?

Well bros, I can’t say for sure because this is looking a lot more like some sort of indexing bot that went sideways but it’s up to you however you want to take it. I’ll be quoting an Anon below which summarizes the event:

Anon somehow found fake businesses listed on google maps. Initially only aquariums around Houston TX were found but there is quite a lot more. What is remarkable is that all of these locations match a pattern of 2 letters + activity. Examples: AT Aquarium, BC Bullring, CC Auditor, etc. AND have a range for an address, instead of just one number. Another thing worth noting is that these aquariums, bullrings and auditors have only been found in CT, OH, TX and WA. 90% in TX + OH.

None of them exist. It's always random suburban houses without any actual businesses around. None of these are registered so it's unlikely to be something related to taxes or covid checks, as you would need to at least register the business for this.

In one location there is a bullring near an aquarium, and after some digging several bullrings were found. Somehow someone noticed auditors as well, I'm not sure how or from where, but I found plenty now.

I went full autist and have the largest list that I have seen in any of these threads (which are full of garbage and false leads), this is the current one: (- censored, sorry bros it has addreses -) Only the first OP list with like 15 locations or so was reposted so most don't realize how many locations there are and are focusing on dumb clues in google street.

It's hard to find anything in google street because it's just random houses. Some claim there is always a star on a nearby house and that it's part of the code to figure where the goods are but I think this is misleading, as they are making conclusions from like 10% of the current list. Some schizos went on about some shit they saw on signs or whatever but none of it makes sense. Most people don't take into account the addresses being ranges and only focus on the house directly in front of the pin, which seems to always land in the middle of whatever range of addresses is given. So for 100-200, pin is at 150, and anons only look at that one house when it could be any other house on the block.

I found most of what I have by doing a google search of the names + address instead of searching via google maps. This pulls up random database websites that all seem to have the same data and make me think of some sort of SEO bullshit. Best ones to use seem to be and, but there are more with the same databases like,,,,, and more.

The websites are clearly clones of eachother and all have very similar "about" pages and so on as one would expect. What I don't know is if they are pulling data from google maps or if google somehow pulled their data into maps. Possibly from in an attempt to list covid vaccinations centers quickly? This one does have an impressive list of covid related centers.

In my opinion it's more likely that we are looking at some sort of SEO scam or general scraping bots fuckery than anything else but the very specific pattern in the names and addresses is hard to ignore. A few locations have a space between the two letters, like H R aquarium or P E aquarium, etc. All in TX. Probably doesn't mean anything but even if it was just some test data added by a script, I feel like these little inconsistencies wouldn't be there so it kinda looks like manual entries done by multiple people to me but I'm just guessing. Really can't figure the purpose.

Very, very few locations have reviews on google maps. 95% anons trolling and to be ignored. At least one location does have an old review, like 7 months old or whatever which doesn't make any sense. Possible random fake bot review but again we don't know.

Anons think it's human trafficking because "aquarium" -> prostitutes on display and "bullring" hints at something like gangbangs or whatever, but auditor doesn't add up.

It wasn't too long and Anons took to the streets and drove out to the mysterious Aquariums to stake out an investigation. Amid the frinzy, along comes Laseranon swooping in with his lasers and drones!

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Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:41:52: Laseranon here, starting assault.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:43:41: Lots of stairs lololol

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:44:18: This is not an aquarium.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:45:53: There is noone here.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:46:37: I'm not seeing a star.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:47:35: I hear something, but I think it's just an animal.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:49:12: Yeah, it's a wierd place. The only paved road out here to a building that's not an aquarium but is labeled as one, no star and alot of no tresspassong signs. I had to hop a gate to get here. I'm out guys.

Sun 21 Aug 2022 02:50:18: Lol this fallen tree stopped my heart. Goodluck guys I'm going home.

This transcript is recorded from 4plebs archive. You can read the full thread here.

At one of the adresses another Anon find an SOS message from Google streetview that appears to be finger painted onto a door with paint or blood!

Another range of addresses had homes with security service signs staked in the yards. Some Anons looked up the service and found an attributed Adolf Hitler quote frome some joke generator on their site! I can't tell if someone's trolling or if this is actually real. I flipped thru it a few times and couldn't get it to reproduce the quote.

I also wanted to document some of the memes and artwork that's come out of this so far. I'll have to update this blog post since it's still an on-going event. (Click images to see the full size.)

And that's all I've got for now.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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