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MOAR CozyNet site updates! 07/10/24

Yeah that’s right, I’ve got MOAR CozyNet site updates! Really all I’m doing is just messing around because I get bored at work and I’m wondering how much I can squeeze out of this VPS. I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to run a PHP forum, but there are some prerequisites to get it done right, or at least sort of right.

That prerequisite is an email server so that the forum can handle user account creation and user driven password reset requests. You can get by without a mail server, but then it’s just a half baked forum and nobody likes half baked things right? So now I’ve finally got a mail server setup for CozyNet too, which is great because now I can use a mail client instead of needing to sign into ProtonMail to read emails (yeah I’m not paying for another ProtonMail account just to use their bridge service.) I’ll be updating the contact info soon. Also another cool thing about this is I can easily integrate PGP signed emails for anyone wanting to verify the authenticity of the message. I do have a public PGP key btw, in case anyone was wondering.

Maybe I shouldn’t be mentioning anything about a forum but I think you CozyNet readers are an alright bunch given the fact you’re readin muh blog! But there are some restrictions and limitations because if you guys know anything about forums, especially running a forum in today’s morally maladjusted society, it’s a really BAD idea. So that means no server hosted file attachments (plus I don’t have the storage capacity to host files anyhow), and all accounts are manually activated. So right now I’ll activate rando accounts, but it’s a short window where thereafter I’ll only activate accounts for frens and fren of frens. Also an account is required to even read the forum, which is a bit unfortunate because I think forums are a great source to index for web search engines, but this ain’t Y2K anymore so Google and Bing can get bent.

I haven’t yet written any rules, but they’re basically the same as the IRC server rules. Also I don’t ever plan on this getting big and want to keep it small. Hopefully things will go well, otherwise I’ll just shut it off, so be cool bros.

If you’re interested in some good ol’ fashion shitpostin’, then head on down to the CozyNet forum!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2024-07-10

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  • Just signed up, hopefully you remember me when we chatted last summer for a while. Unfortunately we live in very different timezones.
    I've got the same username as in your IRC server
    K00l stuff as always!
    Jul 23, 2024 Permalink Reply
    • just signed up and looking forward to posting :3
      Jul 16, 2024 Permalink Reply
      • Epik!
        Jul 13, 2024 Permalink Reply
        • what is that title for the first image supposed to be? lmao
          Jul 10, 2024 Permalink Reply
          • Just being silly is all ^.^
            Also I parodied it after the Old Spice commercials "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like."
            Jul 10, 2024 Permalink Reply
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