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Which Fren Are You?

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"Ahh heh n-n-nigbahhh MAhhh heh haha!"

Limited in their mobility and intellect, Tards are frequently overlooked as invalids and underestimated by normies. As a result, Tards make for unsuspecting intel rangers in recon quests and effective crowd dispersal agents.

Unique ability: Can distract and repel crowds by yelling obscenities and slurs without getting into trouble or taking damage.


"Whatch you say 'bout my mama?"

A little slow and often mischievous, Stooges are natural barbarians and agents of chaos. Their high hit point value makes them especially resistant to physical attacks and capable of fending off multiple bullies and nonfrens simultaneously. Their crude perceptions and simplistic nature makes the Stooge naturally resistant to theoretical mind traps and logic bombs, yet highly susceptible to taunts.

Unique ability: Has a passive intimidation that weakens an opponents morale.


"And a little bit of chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night!"

A fren of frens and perhaps the most versatile, Frens can speak and understand the dialects of both his fellow frens and normies. Frens are vital in keeping a party together and morale high with song, dance, and memes. Without a Fren, parties will quickly descend into infighting and tribalism. While a Fren can dual class a fighter build, his primary place is in caring for others.

Unique ability: Can temporarily shape shift into other roles by mimicry, even into a normie!


"I'm a Barbie gurl, in a Barbie wurld! UwU"

A bit eccentric and obsessively intense, Giftwits are like a glass cannon. Though highly sensitive to persuasion attacks, the Giftwit’s psycho kinetic abilities are unmatched. If pointed properly toward nonfrens and bullies, a Giftwit can devastate with a blast of pure unadulterated autism rays.

Unique ability: Has a passive aura of annoyance that can taunt both frens and nonfrens. Strategic party formation and containment practices are advised.


"Ackchyually I like numbers more than grils." *sniffs*

Patience and determination are hallmarks of the Smartie who unlike his fellow frens, is not as easily distracted or led about by the nonfrens and their lies. A Smartie is an expert in the knowing of all things with an encyclopedic knowledge and strategic resolve. Smarties are vital in the planning and organizing of quests and missions.

Unique ability: Can increase a targets rage into a full blown hissy fit by casting logic bombs.


"I have tasted the rainbow and it did not taste like skittles..."

None other is quite like the Savant when it comes to pattern recognition and eidetic recall. Not only are Savants adept at revealing hidden traps, but they are also capable of sensing future events, alternative timelines and detecting temporal shifts. Alternative timelines however do affect the accuracy of their readings, making them error prone and often ignored among normies. Savants can only be understood by a Fren or Giftwit.

Unique ability: Possesses an otherworldly musical prowess and passive immunity to memory hole attempts.

I figured this would be a funpost to make for you all. I’m thinking that I might rank as a “Fren.” So what about you, which one are you?

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  • I am a good ole friend
    Nice blog :))
    Nov 29, 2023 Permalink Reply
    • I'm a tardegy.
      It's all so tiresome
      Jul 8, 2023 Permalink Reply
      • I'm the annoying giftwit, but with a little bit of the fren's ability that lets me pretend to be the tard for short amounts of time when required.
        I kneel before the savant, as they are the ultimate life form.
        Jul 3, 2023 Permalink Reply
        • Holy based
          Jul 3, 2023 Permalink Reply
          • I am definitely the tard fren
            Also this blog made my day! Thanks fren :]
            Jul 1, 2023 Permalink Reply
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