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Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

It’s been a busy two weeks here bros. Some family visited for Christmas and New Year’s eve, so I’ve been away from the computer. I’ve been wanting to finish that last blog post on “moving to the country” before 2023 though. It kinda makes me seem a little hypocritical since I’m actively trying to move to the country (actually, I’m already living in the country, but still trying to get a house and move out), but I hope that someday I’ll be able to properly adapt to it. Just have to take baby steps.

So, have any of you made up a new years resolution? I’m sure some of you have. I did, and I’ve already broken it the first day of 2023 too, which is no more cursing or swearing! Yup, it’s probably impossible but I’m giving it a shot. It’ll take some practice.

I’m also now 30 years old, so I guess that automatically makes me a boomer or something in internet years? In just another 30 more years and I’ll be a geriatric oldfa – er – oldfart. Hopefully with a proper house by then and not a cold concrete pod in a “Sanctuary” District, eating the bugs and stuff.

Anyhow, being as old as I am, I really need some freaking glasses! I have JJ Abrams lens flare vision and it sucks. My eyes are always feeling strained and I can’t see well at night when lights are shining in my face. It’s as if I’m staring into the sun with star burst rays in every direction, which makes it hard to drive at night. I’ve already looked at some frames, and while they look nice, it’s as if they were made for little slanted eyes because they’re all so tiny; I need some proper big ass frames, like my grandpa had!

On another topic, I spent a little time converting my main laptop to Pop_OS 22.04 from Xubuntu 20.04. I thought I’d try out a few of the default applications and a few other different programs for RSS feeds, email, and such. Geary didn’t support POP3, NewsFlash RSS was too bloated and would hang up on occasion (ran up CPU usage and made the laptop run hot), Thunderbird didn’t support OMEMO for XMPP chat from what I could see, and Nautilus doesn’t support custom actions.

So I went with Thunderbird for email, Gajim for XMPP (which looks a lot better than the old version I was using), and Lifrea for RSS. I installed Thunar so that I can use my custom actions since I use those for my file sharing scripts. I was using Interlink for email previously, which is like an older version of Thunderbird. It works well, but I always had trouble with it running up the CPU and making the laptop run hot whenever typing out emails.

As for plans with the site, I do have some ideas in store. I would like to run some sort of a game server, but I haven’t bothered looking into it all that much. If I did run a game server, I would have to purchase another VPS, which is yet another monthly bill. I’ve been trying to keep those low since I’m already paying out of pocket for a few other VPS’s on personal things (i.e. my mail server and family network services.) I’m thinking though of an old Need For Speed High Stakes arcade racing server; that is if I can find the hosting software and get it to work in WINE. I would also have to package the game and wine prefix into an AppImage to make it easy for people to run. Not sure if any of that will work, but it’s just an idea…

Well that’s all I have to write about. Hope you had a good new years break too.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2023-01-02

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