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Escape From The Internet

When I was a kid, I didn’t have full blown access to the internet until I was about 13. We didn’t even really have TV, except for a few channels. I was obsessed with action figures and would force my brother and friends into these elaborate worlds. Star Wars action figures were by far my favorite, but Marine and military action figures, dinosaurs, robots, and stuffed animals worked just as well.

Then came the internet days. At first it was shitty old dial up that you couldn’t do anything on, but eventually we got DSL and that’s pretty much been it to this date. Keep in mind, I live in a rural area and everything out here is about 10 to 20 years behind. There’s still no broadband out here, and fibre internet? Never knew her!

I immediately hit Cheat Code Central to write down every cheat code for my games, because the school library blocked it years ago. It didn’t take long to find free music on the internet and burn those onto CD’s. Then printed out a bunch of video game and cartoon characters to cut out and tape onto the wall of my bedroom for some reason. Then eventually came online gaming, forums, and chat rooms. Man oh man the creative potential that unlocked!

That all ended my action figure toy craze within the year. Little did I know this would turn into an unhealthy near twenty year long addiction that wouldn’t become realized until recently.

Hop in bitch, we're gonna hunt dinosaurs in the backyard!

Fall of the web

To me, the web was a place without limits. You could LARP as anyone you wanted, and video games really enhanced that experience. But as the games have all declined in quality over the past ten years since they were pulled apart by greed and political shit flinging retards, I eventually just stopped playing them. Match making and “e-sports” ruined the competitive gaming scenes, watering it down into profit driven sports ball slop. Remember clans, guilds, organizing scrimmage matches and community servers? Poof! All gone now. In the gaming scene of today, it seems like everyone just simps for some nobody e-begging grifter at Twitch or YouTube, and somehow thinks that counts as a comooonity.

Bros, this is the face of a bad ass l33t MLG pro gamer god. You better watch out. He could totally 360 no scope your mom, no cap on a stack fr fr.

The online role playing games were always a little awkward. I treated them as I did my action figures and the pretend worlds I would make up for them, but I don’t think anyone really RP’s anymore except for perverts? There might be some RP communities out there that are still alright, but I’ve grown out of it. It just seems too childish to get back into at this point in my life.

The old forums and image boards are mostly gone, but they weren't that much worth writing home about. Just like the social media services that replaced them, they were filled to the brim in product consumerism obsessed with specs, rank, looks, whatever. It’s always the same crap too, “post desktop,” “post specs,” “what’s your favorite x,” “how do you do y,” “can someone help me with z,” along with gossip and drama threads. Breaking news and story threads are about all that’s worth revisiting these sites for anymore.

Chat rooms are still around, but are either inactive or filled up with spam. Sort of always been that way come to think of it... The conversations are almost always shallow and inauthentic too, lacking any kind of description or life behind it.


In essence, the novelty of the internet as a mode of communication and expression is wearing thin. It’s an old boring has been, perpetuated by a rampant obsession in connecting cars, mobile phones, identity verification, clothing apparel and kitchen appliances. You name it, it’s everywhere and we’re all forced to it. It’s become less and less of a social tool, and more and more a hijacked vehicle with everyone as hostages onboard. You can’t jump off the ride without facing certain death as you’re careening down the rails at breakneck speeds, neither can you make it stop, and everyone else onboard are delirious and have lost their minds.

A whole civilization built up over thousands of years of rich culture and history saw it fit to throw everything away in the matter of a few decades just so that it could re-build its image around a DARPA funded 90’s pop-culture psyop! Hah, no wonder why everything seems so fake and gay anymore! What a delusion.

“And often times to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths; Win us with honest trifles, to betray us in deepest consequence." – William Shakespeare


So yeah, that about sums the internet up for me. I was and still am addicted to it, but I’ve been gradually recovering. I’m at a point now that I can finally see some clarity for once. I guess this is what you would call sobering up? Breaking free of the addiction is now within reach, because the internet is really boring! I didn’t actually try to break the addiction myself, it just sort of occurred on its own.

At least blogging can sometimes be a little fun.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Date: 2022-11-28

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  • Based
    Feb 11, 2024 Permalink Reply
    • Your thoughts and view points will fade. Never to be appreciated. Die as we all do.
      Apr 13, 2023 Permalink Reply
    • I am pretty sure that this comments section is vulnerable to a stored XSS attack:
      Dec 15, 2022 Permalink Reply
      • You're probably right. There might be a PHP thing I can use to fix it tho.
        Dec 15, 2022 Permalink Reply
        • Follow up from previous comment, the comment system here is using the .htmlentities PHP function to process text. This should replace any special HTML characters, like <> " ' () with the an appropriate HTML entity. I think this is good nuff?
          Dec 15, 2022 Permalink Reply
      • I'm a zoomer so I don't really remember the early internet, but even the 2006-2012 period of the internet was so much better than the garbage we have now. I miss the old internet, but on the plus side, like you said, it's much easier to quit.
        Dec 12, 2022 Permalink Reply
        • I think one of the reasons we remember the Internet so fondly is the fact that we had a life, being online was just a cool addition. At the end of the day, the brain and soul just knows that this Internet shit is not real.
          Dec 2, 2022 Permalink Reply
          • Yeah it sucks that the internet has pretty much become like 10 sites that everyone goes to and then they all just have pseudosocial relationships with each other
            Nov 29, 2022 Permalink Reply
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