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Landlord chads, wtf do I do to get a house!?

I've saved up a lot of cash in my bank and have been very responsible with it, even going so far as to live frugally! Hell, I've even moved back to my parents to save on the cost of being a rentoid. It's been nearly 5 year worth of savings to buy a house, and they're still too damn high! I probably should have invested some of it, but I don’t know how.

Let's take a look at what's on the market in the state of Texas…

Oh gee, what a cute little tent and a scenic acreage of bramble and brush, said no one ever! What a joke! This was located nearby some piss puddle lake. I’m not completely opposed to the idea of living in a tent ever since I’ve lowered my standards (see “Glamping”), but $74K for barely even an acre is an insult! For that price, it better come with the tent included. Since this is just little over an acre of unimproved land that’s near a lake (not beside a lake), and quite possibly in a flood zone, this wouldn't be worth more than $5,000.

Alright, moving on. Let's check out another place. How about we get a little fancy and checkout a home on wheels!

Why do people live like this? What a dump! Shitty yard, no bushes, half of the trim is painted with the same primary color, the drive way I presume just leads right up to the porch because they were lazy drunk bastards that couldn't bother to make a walk path out to the car. And that price, look at THAT PRICE! This is a trailer home on a tiny plot, not a gold mine!

Also the owners must have been Star Trek fans. Look at that red striping on the walls. It doesn’t look that half bad inside though, but this is really only worth around $45,000 (if even that.) Something else worth noting is the year it was built (1999.) Mobile homes aren’t made to last, and this one has pretty much 10 years left on it before end of life (trust me I know, I've lived in one!) The people selling this place are crooks! Don't buy it!

Here's another mobile home for a ridiculous price. This one is on 1 acre of land this time, but look at dat roof! It needs a new roof. The yard looks a little better here (coming from someone that's use to the dead summer lawns of Texas.) I would also be cautious of those window AC units. Most people fail to ever install a drip pan for them because they either don’t come included with the unit or they're just lazy. Years of condensation will soak into the wall and rot it out. Depending on its condition and if the roof and walls aren't dry rotted, this would be about a $50-60,000 property. If it's rotted, then I'd say $20K

I’ve tried adjusting my search filters to include only houses built anywhere before the year 1930 to see if I could find a fixer-upper, but they typically float around the $150K to $200K price range with no land. It’s just not worth it bros, and I don’t know what to do.

I want to avoid loans and mortgages so that I can save up money from one job and NEET for a year on those savings before having to find another one. It's also partly why I bought my small truck in cash and why I stay away from debt. This would make wagie work a little better knowing that I wont have to make a mortgage payment and just need to cover basic expenses like utilities, insurance, transport and food. It’s just that the barrier to entry has become so high, that it’s effectively making it impossible to achieve.

I want to have at least three acres for a tiny farm so I can grow some of my own food and raise a few animals for meat and milk to help reduce food expenses. I'm thinking that I'll have to build something myself, like a small 20x14 shack that I can add onto later. I've looked at pre-fab sheds and people are overcharging for them well past their BOM and labor since others with the same idea are buying them out. Buying the land and then getting utilities and septic installed are going to be expensive, but it won't be anything compared to the bullshit above.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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